The Resurrection of our Nation


(Apr. 4, 2010) — The mystery and holiness surrounding this very special time of the year is palpable. A gentle breeze has replaced winter’s bitter wind, and the sun again warms our earth. The memories of winter’s hardship and deprivation are beginning to fade. Today Christians have awakened to the promise of new and everlasting life through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Both Passover and Easter celebrate freedom and new life. Passover commemorates the freeing of the Israelites from slavery to the Egyptians. The Ten Plagues were released upon Egypt when Pharaoh refused to grant the Israelites their freedom, and the last plague took the lives of all firstborn Egyptian children. However, the firstborn of the Israelites were spared, as the Angel of Death “passed over” those homes marked with the blood of a lamb.

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and the salvation bestowed upon Christian believers through the sacrifice of God’s only son. Jesus Christ is the “Lamb of God” who took away the sins of the world.

For several centuries after the death of Jesus, many Christians celebrated both Passover and Easter.

This Republic was founded on principles which came from the Judeo-Christian belief system. These principles include the sanctity of life, the dignity of work and self-sufficiency, the obligation to deal fairly and honestly with others, and the responsibility to contribute meaningfully and lawfully to society. Most of us were taught not to lie, cheat, or steal, and we live by those principles today.

For that very reason, many Americans have been unable to grasp exactly what has occurred in our nation over the last 18 months and everything that has led up to it. Beginning before most of us were born, in 1913, foreign bankers were given control over our economy and the coining of money by President Woodrow Wilson. Although enacted while Congress was out of session, upon returning from recess, Congress did not act to repeal the takeover of the nation’s financial system by a private group of bankers who still control our economy today in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Over the years we have seen a tremendous eroding of our national heritage and pride. The scourge of abortion became the “law of the land” through the unconstitutional decision of Roe v. Wade. Although the Supreme Court greatly overstepped its authority, its ruling was allowed to stand. God’s people failed to stand up against such evil and uphold their God-given constitutional rights to outlaw a procedure which denied an unborn child the very life which the Constitution guaranteed.

The Framers of the Constitution never envisioned a court which was so powerful that it could commandeer the states into passivity. The function of the judiciary was to provide “checks on the legislature and the executive branch and to perform “judicial review,” with all seats being retained based “on good behavior.” Similarly, as a check on the chief executive, the “Vice President and Cabinet can vote that the President is unable to discharge his duties.”

When is the last time that a Vice President and the President’s cabinet decided that the president could not perform his duties? Why haven’t they done it now in the case of Obama, who is ineligible to serve?

We have drifted far from the spirit and intent of the Constitution by voting in entitlements year after year, term after term of our congressmen, senators and state and federal executives. As a nation, we have become greedy and lost our incentive to work and remain independent as the government has continued to expand. That is what government wants: the dependency of many people so that it can continue to grow. These entitlements must be stopped for two reasons: they breed laziness and dependence on government, and there is no more money with which to pay them.

Government dependence also breeds fear. We now have a nation where many people are afraid to speak up, do not know their constitutional rights, and are more concerned with what is on television than what their government is doing to them in the name of making things “easier,” all the while confiscating the freedoms which many of us hold so dear. Every entitlement bears a price, and that price is a little bit more of our freedom.

I believe that most Americans now know that we have reached a turning point, an awakening, a reckoning. We either return to constitutional governance or perish as Rome did. Our government is financially and morally bankrupt. We can either stand up and refuse to obey any more unconstitutional laws, mandates, and executive orders or succumb to the government criminals like sheep. As sovereign citizens of our individual states, we possess the ability to nullify unconstitutional legislation. We can expose corruption wherever we find it. If millions begin to stand up, what will happen to the IRS? More: