It Could Never Happen Here?

What could never happen in the Joseph Gamero Worth Reading

I don’t know about you but I sometimes think aloud so, stay with me, for that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Twenty years ago no American, or citizen of any country for that matter, would have entertained the possibility of having enemies of the U.S. controlling the government. Let us though, think about that possibility just for a moment.

Should the United States ever find itself in such situation, what would likely happen? Well, let’s look at the kind of enemies the country has:

There are those on the extreme left whose goal of a Marxist controlled Global Government know full well that the founding principles of the U.S. are on the way to their dream. They are fully aware that morality like that which guided Washington, Jefferson et al, based on Judeo-Christianity, will never permit the One World Government.

Then, of course, are the radical Muslims who also want Global Government but under Shariah Law. They know as well that under Judeo-Christian principles, they haven’t got a hope in hell.

There are also the ones who are jealous of the U.S. but we needn’t worry about them unless they belong to one of the above groups.

Then…there’s a possibility of having a “combination” of both, part one and part the other.

Now, how would any of them try to achieve their goals?

Just think if they could, way in advance, groom a docile person with some charisma, into accepting their doctrines and philosophies, someone with few personal attachments or loyalties, someone with a great deal of resentment. Of course, he/she would have to be a “Christian” so as to move in the nation’s circles without calling too much attention, but not “too Christian so as not to embrace the Founding Father’s principles. Let’s say… a member of a church not too America-oriented, nor truly following the teachings of Christ, just pretending to do so.

Remember the pastor of such church would have a great deal of influence on the person being groomed.

This person would be thoroughly trained in Marxist doctrine and, if he/she had a natural sympathy for and/or training on Islam, well, then they hit the jackpot! On second thought, in this case, it would have to be a man if the plan is to succeed with Muslims.

Where does Communism start? Oh yes, at the community level, of course. So it goes without saying that the U.S. must be very vigilant of ANY community organizations that start springing up around the country. These entities have usually close ties with extreme left-wing Union bosses. Therefore, the country must be also vigilant of such unions which could be lethal for Americans.

Therefore, America must shy away from anyone who could remotely have any connection with, or qualities of, the above described.

Now, about what would happen in the worse were to occur:

The first step would be to surround the White House with the most extremist characters one can find. They must be Marxists and un-American to the core. Then, appointments must be also made for all official positions of individuals who are on the same page as the president (lower case o purpose).

Second step could be to make Christianity a bad thing. Too late, that has been happening for a long time, little by little, but removing the word Christ from all speeches would be helpful.

Third step would probably be to destroy the American economy by deliberately spending too much on useless endeavors, while borrowing more money that can be repaid for generations to come and, to take control of major financial institutions, major manufacturing, etc.

Forth step could be to take-over 1/6th of the economy in one sharp blow by nationalising health care and making everyone dependent on the state for all their medical needs. Here is Big Brother!

Fifth step could be to give amnesty to all illegals, regardless of any current or past crimes committed by them. This step is very important since, as we all know, Marxists do not reproduce very much (kids are such an inconvenience, they prefer abortions) and their numbers will dwindle without importing more left-wing future voters.

Sixth step would easily be, to scare the wits out of the citizens by making them believe that the sky is falling and the planet will not survive, unless we all stop using carbon-based fuels, and thus, the cap-and-tax solution.

Once those steps have been achieved, the rest will fall into place since the citizens will be under the total control of the state. Vive la liberté!

What about the Constitution? That’s a nuisance and it will be shredded promptly after total consolidation of power.

Now, remember, I’m only thinking aloud since I know full well that such a crazy scenario will never happen in the U.S.A., because the Congress, the Senate and the “safety-valve” represented by the media, are too patriotic to not vet everyone to the best of their ability!

Joseph A. Gamero