A lot of us were born at night, just not last night. And we call ourselves The Tea Party

Jewish World ReviewBy Dave Weinbaum

Dear Readers: Below is my speech to the Rolla Mid MO Tea Party. I'm trying to memorize it because I lent my teleprompter to some schmuck who was running for president and he's never returned it.

Last year we were awakened to a crimson dawn in America and hoped it wouldn't be as bad as it seemed.

Now, we know it's worse with little prospect of getting better under this congress and, especially, this president.

What have we learned this year? We've learned that we have a Liar-in-Chief.

Barack Hussein Obama said his administration would be transparent. He said he would use C-SPAN so we could see and hear all closed door meetings. He said all bills would be posted on the Internet five days before a vote.

Instead, we've learned we have a president who wants to control all media and shut down your First Amendment Rights. We have a president who appoints Mark Lloyd, avowed Socialist and admirer of Hugo Chavez, to handle the Venezuelan press. We have a president who attacks "vitriol" from Fox News, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and YOU, because — according to Obama — Tea Partiers are unable to think for themselves and therefore MUST be parroting all of the above.

We have a president who not only backs abortions but late-term abortions.

We have a radical Socialist-in-Chief who led takeovers of GM and Chrysler as well as one-sixth of our economy through Obamacare — a huge redistribution of wealth.

We have a president who is concerned about you as a political terrorist, especially if you're a returning veteran or — oh yeah — one of us Tea Partiers.

His solutions?

Obama wants a civilian militia as well funded and well armed as our regular armed forces.

He signed an executive order, granting Interpol immunity and giving them more power than our FBI and CIA.

He has formed a commission of ten governors who can easily help him declare martial law.

Obama doesn't even want you to be able to own guns.

If you had bought gold, gun and ammo stocks in the last year, you would have made a fortune.

We have a president who insults our allies and sucks up to our enemies.

We have a president who bows before the Saudi king and Japanese premier.

We have a president who begs forgiveness of the United States in front of the Muslim world.

We have a president who takes away the missile defense of Poland and Czech Republic.

We have a president who treats the prime minister of Israel like he's the dictator of a Third World drainage hole of a country instead of the most loyal 63-year ally of the USA, fighting Islamic Terrorists on the Mid-East front.

We have a president who coddles terrorists. He Mirandized the Underwear Bomber. He wants to try those who planned and murdered 3,000 Americans in New York City , giving them full Constitutional Rights of citizens.

We have a president who has laid our arms before the world and said we will not retaliate with everything we have, even if attacked with the worst chemical weapons ever developed.

We have a government with distain for the very document all of Congress and the President swore to uphold and defend: The Constitution.

If you believe that ObamaCare is going to lower your taxes and premiums while lowering the deficit and improving health care, I've got a bridge to nowhere I'd like to sell you.

A lot of us were born at night, just not last night. And we call ourselves The Tea Party.

And we are damn proud of it.

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