Obamageddon is Coming

Worth Readingby Ben Sieira

If you have not already read this..... Special army unit ready to be deployed on American soil just before...... then do so.

Satan has acquired control of the throne of America, with a view to the throne of the whole earth, whether through Obama or some other despot, but he knows that his time is very short and he is angry, very angry, so whatever means he can use to destroy human life, that he will do. Be very careful of what you say or do because he will use every opportunity to attack you, every slip of moral code, every misused word, every hypocritical judgment, every last nuance and flaw in your character, any excuse at all that his minions blindly and willingly accept as a precursor to danger or violence - in other words absolutely anything. Remember what his name, Satan, means: the accuser, since he spends his time prowling around like a rabid dog looking for whomever he can devour, and this by accusing the saints to the Almighty God. Saints, remember that in Christ you are free of the ultimate wages of sin, which is eternal death, despite your sins. Satan will try to confound you, confuse you, cause you to stumble, terrify you with accusations of things you actually have done wrong - but remember, it is in his job description! Liar, accuser, thief, murderer, destroyer. Sound familiar?

He has more than one plan to derail normal political process in the USA, so whether or not his opponents rise up, whether peacefully or violently, whether lawfully or unrighteously, there is a plan B, and it will destroy lives indiscriminately, using outsourced murderers, and the blame will be aimed squarely at those who oppose despite their innocence. It is not a new tactic, old as the hills, but it will be used. My warnings of this on other sites seem to have gone largely ignored for the last 16 months, but I hope that people on this site understand the deadly danger they (and the world) are now in. It was too late since the 4th of June, 2008. This runaway locomotive was set in motion, noticed perhaps by only a few, but the course was established. Like a man is already dead when he leaps from a tall building even before he has struck the earth, his death is as good as done, so likewise, when Obama telephoned Clinton from the aeroplane that night to gloat about his successes in the recent primaries, it became obvious who the new leader chosen by the banksters and by Satan himself would be. On that fateful day, the world was set on an irreversible course for nuclear war. Obamageddon is coming.

Arming yourself will not help, except for obvious self defense, but this will be used against you. If you have a weapon, you will be targeted with intimidation in order to incite you to retaliation and the escalating conflict will result in your death - that's what he wants, don't fall for it! Better just to set up independence of the grid if possible, or find as many alternative sources of fuel for heating and cooking if not, grow your own food, learn to preserve foods, repair clothes and shoes with a needle and thread, make rope, build simple structures, get basic and essential non-powered (manual) tools, and all the rest of it. Do you have your own water storage tank? No? Get one!

I'm not kidding, folks. Time is of the essence. Preparations for a disaster are not a threat to government and cannot be construed that way, since they claim to support such actions. Just be careful in what manner you prepare and if asked, let the Spirit of God answer for you so that you will not be trapped. Consider each step carefully, whether it can be used as a pretext to intimidate or even assault you by false arrest or any such wickedness, and if not sure, pray about it. If you have not put all your trust in God Almighty and His chosen Christ Jesus of Nazareth, then what are you waiting for? At least that way there is security even in death.

Despite my own failings, I know where my ultimate destiny lies, and it is not under the unlawful oppression of a man made and corrupt, monstrously wicked world government. http://worthreading.ning.com/profiles/blogs/obamageddon-is-coming