What will our children say of us?" Three Commandments to add to the Decalogue.

Worth Reading Are we walking into the Gulag with our eyes wide open? Our love for the rule of law, our respect for the stability and security of our Constitution make the thought of civil disobedience repugnant to American patriots. Yet here we are, in March 2010, and a President with known Marxist connections and ideology, accomplishes in one week what Communist Revolutionaries have dreamed of for a century. Russia doesn’t need an arsenal. One man will hand over 300,000,000.

The greatest triumph of Marxism will not be the victory over the temporal, political, and economic orders, but rather, the destruction of the human spirit, the transformation of a free people into a nation of bystanders, executioners of their own and their neighbor’s God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If Barack Obama is not stopped in this course, we will be legislated and Executive Ordered into the mental and physical Gulag. We will first tolerate in the name of patriotic obedience, then endure in the name of personal preservation, that dehumanizing servitude from which we spent a century fighting to deliver the rest of the world.

Perhaps we can pause and acknowledge the mental turmoil that others wrestled with when trying to decide if the moment had come to resist, or if waiting for another, or a clearer sign from those who controlled their lives, would yield the cessation of oppression. It is so easy to scream to the shadows of the past that they should have known, should not have walked so meekly to their slaughter. What will our children say of us? -- Jeanette Pryor, "America Betrayed – Thou Shalt Never, But Never, Be a Bystander"

"Thou shalt never be a perpetrator. "Thou shalt never be a victim. "And thou shalt never, but never, be a bystander.” ~Yehuda Bauer http://worthreading.ning.com/profiles/blogs/what-will-our-children-say-of