Obama Ignores Islamic Extremist Threat

Human Events by James Zumwalt


In June 1876, U.S. Army General George Armstrong Custer was defeated by Cheyenne Indians at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. In what became known as “Custer’s Last Stand,” defeat was attributed primarily to a false assumption. Custer expected to encounter an enemy force of approximately equal size; instead, he faced a force at least three times the strength of his. That false assumption cost the charismatic general his life—as well as the lives of 267 men trusting in his leadership. Had Custer been better informed—and the threat better understood—disaster may well have been averted.

One hundred thirty-four years later, a false assumption and lack of understanding by President Obama for a threat of a new era could well spell similar disaster—this time for an entire nation.

There is a common thread tying together most terrorist activity occurring around the world today. Whether it is Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, China, Yemen, Lebanon, Gaza, etc., that common thread is Islamic extremism. And, when Islamic extremism raises its ugly head, it matters not that most victims of its violence are fellow Muslims. As was the case in the 20th Century, more Muslims in the 21st Century are being killed by Islamic extremists than by non-Muslims. One can only imagine the threat posed to non-believers by an ideology whose believers do not hesitate to “eat their own” in this manner.

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