A word of caution to our Latino friends

Worth Readingby Joseph Gamero

The dishonest and probably illegal current administration is, and will continue to be, using dividing tactics based on racial or ethnic differences. It is outrageous that, a candidate for president whether he qualifies or not, could run on “unity,” “bipartisanship” and “working together” and, once elected, however dubious his election might have been, turn out to be the most dividing, partisan, racist and lying president ever in the history of the country.

My Latino friends. The Republican Party is definitely NOT your enemy; in fact, most of you have more principles in common with the Republicans than with the Marxist controlled Democrats. Most of you share the principles of the Founding Fathers, rather than the “principals” (pun intended) of Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barack Obama; at least the moral principles of the Founding Fathers.

The principals of Barry Soetoro are pulling the puppet strings and there goes the docile, straw Narcissist-in-chief, complying with their wishes.

Most true Republicans, who once more, share your moral principles, are NOT against Latinos; they are against illegal immigrants, because unlike you, they have broken the law. It is an issue of Equal Justice for all; if you break the law, you must face the consequences.

Are Republicans insensitive to the plight of those looking for the opportunity to have a crack at the American Dream? Not at all, but it is a question of equality for all, not a question of pity for certain people who might be at a disadvantage in their country of origin. Think about the frustration of those waiting for their legal turn to immigrate, being “bumped” by those intent on circumventing the law and get in before the ones choosing the legal way.

This reminds me of the famous Oklahoma land give-away. When the shot was fired there was a stampede by the people trying to get the best land they could find. Alas for them, many unscrupulous people had gotten in before the law had allowed them, thus getting the best parcels for themselves. Was that fair? I should say not!

How would you feel in their shoes in both cases?

The overwhelming majority of legal immigrants are decent people with the genuine wish of making a better life for themselves and their families, and they deserve the opportunity to do so. On the other hand, a fairly high number of illegals (though not all by any means) end-up committing crimes and, in some cases even causing the death of some innocent people. Is this fair in your mind?

Moreover, a recent study shows that last year $338.3 Billion were paid to service America’s illegal aliens; guess who paid for it?

Democrats per se, are fine people, I don’t agree with their political views but that’s fine; unfortunately they have allowed gangsters from the extreme left, Chicago style, to take over their party and moving it to the most extreme left ever seen in the U.S.A. Some of you fled from oppression and I doubt you would like to see the same take hold on your new country. Why go back to square one?

The corrupt Marxists that now surround Barack Obama, have an agenda that they are implementing by leaps and bounds; if you don’t start reading between the lines pretty darn quickly, all your freedoms will be taken away and your new country will be irreparably damaged and bankrupt.

For your own good, I beg of you to start reading the postings on the Internet, such as this website/network and don’t take our word for it. Do your own research; you owe it to yourself and your family if you wish to have a future in America. If you have a chance, watch Fox News channel and do your research.

For example, the extreme left, which has been caught in a number of lies, would like you to believe that the Tea Parties, the most honorable grass-roots organization in the country since the War of Independence, is formed by a bunch of right-wing radical nuts, using violence to make their point. There’s only one problem with that; they have no evidence to prove their propaganda lies, since ALL videos in existence until now of Tea Party gatherings, are so peaceful that they have no flaws. There’s always a nut everywhere, but so far, the Tea Parties haven’t shown any. This will change soon for there’s already a site calling for lefties to infiltrate Tea Parties and misbehave in order to discredit them.

My friends, America IS NOT what Obama is making it to be; the true America was conceived by George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams et al and it was the greatest and most successful experiment in governance and checks and balances ever undertaken on planet Earth. Please, do not allow a bunch of charlatans to distract you from the real issues.

Tenéis que investigar la verdad (you have to research the truth) y no creer a los que están en el poder, solamente porque están en el poder (and not believe those in power, just because they are in power).

The Hypocrats (extreme radicals of the left), do not have your best interest at heart; they are trying to use you for their benefit in the assumption that you will buy their rhetoric about being on your side and vote for them.

My sincere hope that you will engage on research of your own until you see the truth; then act as your conscience dictates you.

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Con cariño (with affection),

Joseph A. Gamero