The Demonic Mendacity of the Organized Left

Conservatives Undergroundby Linda Kimball

In recent times, America has been experiencing an explosion of neo-pagan movements in concert with a relentless assault on truth, reality, first principles, universal moral law, and the created order of being - the two sexes (male and female) for example. These movements interface with mystical, quasi-Buddhist, occult Gnostic, and other “blood and soil” notions: New Age cults, transcendental meditation, Wicca, goddess worship, “gay” shamanism, reincarnation, Luciferian Theosophy, the Great Apes Project and all other animal rights agendas, Gaia worship, deep ecology, channeling, and other such notions.

All are types of pantheism, which stress in one way or another that mankind is “one with” nature (or the cosmos or dialectical matter) and should therefore make obeisance to it as Sovereign.

In his penetrating analysis of the organized Left, M. Stanton Evans author of ‘The Theme is Freedom: Religion, Politics, and the American Tradition,” observes that it is only against the background of neo-paganism that the bizarre “isms” of Leftist politics come into focus.

The common feature of all these movements -naturalism, materialism, sexism, multiculturalism, determinism, economic determinism, and heteronormativism, for instance- is that they view irrational nature itself as ultimate and sovereign. In other words, they make a god of irrational nature, which is precisely why Al Gore is synonymous with Gaia, global warming, and carbon footprints, and the Left in general is so very “green.” “Much of it, indeed,” Evans continues, “is pantheism or other natureworship, dressed up as secularism or science.”

Darwinian evolution, says Evans, is the “most influential case in point (as it) explicitly replaces (or identifies) God with physical nature, and in some versions even attributes to nature, or some agency within it, ineffable designs.” (“The Theme is Freedom,” p. 122)

For almost one hundred years, the Left has been busily engaged in stealthily undermining and gutting our founding documents and America’s social, political, legal, and cultural infrastructures. Toward this end, they’ve managed to marginalize the Declaration of Independence - the charter document - and to cleverly infiltrate new and alien meaning into our Constitution.

Whereas originally, the individual’s right to liberty was viewed as God-given - thus fixed and unchanging - God has been declared dead and subsequently replaced by a quasi-divine State, while group privileges are increasingly sweeping away individual rights. And where each and every human life possesses an “inalienable right to life” was held as an immutable truth and a universal moral good, the “enlightened” politically correct view holds that truth and morality are irrelevant and human life is without value, dignity, or purpose. Taking the place of our inalienable right to life is politically correct choice. In reality, choice is an elitist eugenics mentality in disguise. Hence it views procreation of undesirables - such as the common man - as bad, therefore all population control schemes such as euthanasia, abortion, and the abomination called partial birth abortion - which is tantamount to infanticide - are “good.”

However, despite these and the Left’s many other successful changes toward the transvaluation or total inversion of America’s traditional cultural, social, political, and legal order, our Second Amendment rights remain a primary concern to the totalitarian ambitions of the organized Left.

In the face of these ominous signs of impending serfdom, there are those who have expressed to me their fear that should the Left ever succeed in fully taking over our country, they will take our X-Boxes away from us.

Fear not. They don't want your x-boxes. Nor do they covet our mind-and-soul destroying entertainment.

What they want are our guns, for a weaponless people are a helpless people. What Leftists definitely don’t want are our X-Boxes, MTV, porn, drugs, sado-masochistic Jerry Springer programs, slut-and-pedo-chic clothes, and demonically-occluded rap, for these are modernity's versions of antiquity's "bread and circuses.”

Various Leftists and their ilk predicted long ago that they and an interconnected network of accomplices throughout academia, the entertainment world, government, and elsewhere, would bring about the fall of the West by way of a “long walk through the culture.” A diabolically conceived “walk” that would slowly invert our traditional order by disarming, dumbing-down, and putting Westerners “to sleep” (enslaving them) through immorality: “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll.”

The unwary sleepers, it was confidently foretold, would never dream that they would one day awaken to a nightmare world of slavery.

Over the course of many years those predictions have been coming true. For today, far too many Americans are fast becoming an immoral, narcissistic people addicted to instant gratification; an infantilized people whose ongoing mind-conditioning comes by way of a warped, pornographic, propaganda-spewing media and entertainment. And while Americans have been sleeping, our universities and schools have become transmission belts for the proselytizing of socialism, political correctness, open-borders, New Age pantheism, sexual confusion and androgyny, one world universalism, and hate: hate-whitey, hate-Conservatives, hate-America, hate truth, hate Boy Scouts, hate history, hate free markets, hate straight males, hate-tradition, hate-morality, and hate the Biblical God.

As truth, common sense, morality, and knowledge of our founding worldview die, the American mind shuts down in tandem, thereby allowing the icecap of a new “green” totalitarianism to relentlessly advance across our nation, snuffing out the light of liberty and all things good. Under its oppressive weight, America is being crushed downward into a dark abyss of pagan superstition, where at the urging of the Left’s demonic mendacity, 2+2 becomes 5, being bad is cool, but doing evil is much more gratifying.

Our founders long ago warned Americans that only a God-fearing, informed, and virtuous people can remain a free people, for these practices lend themselves to self-determination (impulse-control) and the cultivation of higher reason and logic, hence to individual liberty and our form of self-government. In the words of Patrick Henry -Christian patriot, governor of Virginia, revolutionary general, “The Voice of Liberty,” and signer of the U.S. Constitution:

“The great pillars of all government and of social life (are) virtue, morality, and religion. This is the armor, my friend, and this alone, that renders us invincible.”

On the other hand, ignorance, narcissism, and the giving in to base impulses and passions leads to lack of impulse-control(determinism) and the downward-spiraling consequences of dependency, lying, cheating, crime, chaos, anarchy, and eventually slavery. Tragically, and of great consequence to the continuance of individual liberty, all too many Americans today are materialistic, drug-using, infantilized, violence-prone, obscenity-spewing, sex-obsessed people, and the name Jesus Christ is for many of these - and particularly for the Left’s “self-annointed” - the obscenity of choice.

In 1909, Reverend Francis Grimke warned of the perils of moral corruption. He said:

“If the time ever comes when we shall go to pieces, it will…be…from inward corruption -from the disregard of right principles…” (Equality of Right for all Citizens, Black and White Alike)

As we watch and wait in trepidation, wondering if our fellow Americans will be so foolish as to elect the seductive, charismatic Messiah Obama - the most Progressive Leftist ever to hold the office - we need to realize that our greatest enemy is often ourselves. For when we allow ourselves to fall down the slippery slopes of moral corruption, ignorance, dependency, and apathy we fall right into slavery, both spiritual and physical. Our own freelychosen follies and conceits - in concert with a willingness to transgress - will be the downfall of our individual liberties, self-government, and a free America.

(Note: Many thoughtful Americans, including political and cultural observers, pastors and priests, did their best to warn Americans against electing Obama as president. This article was written and published for the same reason: as a warning against electing him. However, all warnings went unheeded by millions, and today we are paying the consequences.)

Linda Kimball is a writer and author of numerous published articles and essays on culture, politics, and worldview.