America's Government by Madmen Mr. Hydes

The article posted below, "Mayor Pushed into Apologizing for Honoring Ex-Gays," highlights the true nature of man, which means that all men---no one excluded---are both Dr. Jekylls and depraved Mr. Hydes. All men have both light sides and dark sides. "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" is a morals story depicting the evil consequences that occur when good-guy Dr. Jekyll gives into a dark compulsion to 'give into his dark side.' The magic potion he mixes up symbolizes all of the gnawing compulsions within his dark side. The more he drinks of the potion the more addicted to it he becomes until finally the kindly Dr. Jekyll has become the raving madman---sadistically-twisted Mr. Hyde. In a moment of sanity, a now wildly desperate Dr. Jekyll commits suicide rather than continuing on as the evil murderer Mr. Hyde. (

In the article, PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays) symbolizes Dr. Jekyll in recovery-mode. These Dr. Jekylls hate their 'gay' Mr. Hyde side and rather than continuing on as depraved Mr. Hyde or killing themselves they have sought help in overcoming and/or controlling their Mr. Hyde compulsions. The LGBT community symbolizes madman Mr. Hyde. These people have imbibed so much of Dr. Jekylls potion that they have been transformed into self-inflated monsters--- depraved Mr. Hydes. But unlike PFOX Dr. Jekylls, the LGBT Hydes pridefully refuse to admit that they have dark sides. Their dark sides are really good sides, we are told to believe.

Having deluded and deceived themselves, these self-inflated monsters demand that all of us accept their delusions and deceptions as true, and if we do not then we are hateful, biggotted, evil. By extension of this illogic---an inversion of reality---these morally insane Mr. Hydes not only require that we hand our children over so as to be conditioned to become just like they are--twisted Mr. Hydes---but in further evidence of their insanity, they demand that PFOX be demonized as intolerant, hateful, biggotted, and homophobic.

At one time, not too long ago, America's Rule of Law, Constitution, and cultural mores were firmly grounded on the transcendent truths and universal moral law of the Bible. God the Father was always God and man never is god even though evolutionism says that man is god. Murder was always murder and never okay even if redefined as 'choice' and 'euthanasia.' Covetousness was always a type of theft and never okay even if redefined as progressive taxation, redistribution, or sustainable development. Narcissism and lying were always evil even if redefined as Progressive Liberalism and Post Modernism. Trespassing was always evil even if redefined as 'open borders' and 'illegal immigrant rights.' The act of sodomy, or buggery as the Founders called it, was always evil even if redefined as 'gay' and 'alternative lifestyle choices.'

America has fallen far away from her Christian roots and is today a spiritually dark place roiling in confusion, lawlessness, pathological lying, narcissism, and tyranny. In fact, the demonic twist characterizes spiritually dark America: God is dead and Progressive Liberal 'elites' are gods and goddesses, good is called evil, the disordered is called ordered, the illegal is called legal, criminals are victims and law-abiding people are victimizers, the unnatural is called natural, truth is called lie, the criminally insane are sane and the sane are criminally insane, and 'gay' Mr. Hydes are to be tolerated and upheld as 'good' while all straight males and females and ex-gays are to be viewed as intolerably evil and need to be charged with hate crimes. ...Linda

Worth Reading Homosexual activists rage over recognition of those that leave the lifestyle

By Drew Zahn First, the mayor of Washington, D.C., honored the executive director of a leading "ex-gay" organization, then, under pressure from homosexual activists, he apologized for issuing the honor.

Mafara Hobson, a spokeswoman for D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty, explained to the Washington Post that the award was actually a "staff-level error."

"We apologize for the error as it runs contrary to the mayor's vision of a more open and inclusive city," Hobson said. "The mayor is proud of his ardent support of the LGBT community."

The recipient organization, however, insists the apology was issued "at the behest of gay organizations," constituting another example of the "kind of intolerance against ex-gays [that] occurs all across this country."

Earlier this week, Parents and Friends of ExGays and Gays, or PFOX, issued a news release about the mayor's recognition of PFOX Executive Director Regina Griggs. In an official Government of the District of Columbia Certificate of Appreciation originally signed and issued by Fenty in November 2009, the mayor praised Griggs for her "dedication, commitment and outstanding contributions" in her role at PFOX.

But when word of the honor hit the newswire, the mayor's office was hit with instant outrage.

Rick Rosendall of the Gay and Lesbian Activist Alliance of Washington D.C fired off an immediate letter to the mayor's office, demanding an explanation of the honor, Fenty's rejection of the ''ex-gay'' movement and a plan from the mayor to undo the perception that he approves of PFOX's mission.

''GLAA in the past has defended PFOX's First Amendment right to express its noxious views," Rosendall wrote, as reported by D.C.'s homosexual magazine Metro Weekly, "but PFOX certainly does not deserve any honor or recognition from our mayor.''

PFOX is a national non-profit organization that supports families of former homosexuals, advocates for the "ex-gay community" and seeks to educate the public on changing sexual orientation. The organization works to eliminate discrimination and intolerance leveled against those who have chosen to leave the homosexual lifestyle.

"Each year thousands of men and women with unwanted same-sex attractions make the personal decision to leave homosexuality," the organization explains in a response to the mayor's apology. "Their decision is one only they can make. However, there are others in society who refuse to respect individual self-determination. Consequently, formerly gay men and women are reviled simply because they dare to exist."

Last year, PFOX sued the D.C. Office of Human Rights for refusing to extend the District's sexual-orientation, non-discrimination law to former homosexuals, a case PFOX won.

"The D.C. Superior Court ruled against the District government and held that ex-gays are protected under D.C.'s sexual orientation law," the organization states. "For that alone, PFOX deserves thanks from the mayor. He is there to represent all of his constituents, and not just those that he prefers."

Furthermore, PFOX President Greg Quinlan says, Griggs' ten years of selfless service are worthy of recognition.

"Regina has served as executive director without pay. Instead, she prefers that donations be used to develop resources for families and teens, to promote unconditional love for all regardless of sexual orientation and to seek equal access and protection for the ex-gay community," said Quinlan in a statement. "Her dedication is unparalleled."

Some homosexual activists, however, not only disagree that Griggs is worthy of honor, but further contend that the mayor's apology isn't good enough.

''PFOX is notorious as a purveyor of junk science which constitutes an ongoing slander against gay people," Rosendall wrote in his letter to Fenty's office. ''Given the mayor's record of support for gay families, it is painful to see him honor someone with the pernicious record of a Regina Griggs."

"Stating it was a staff error doesn't cut it," argues former GLAA President Bob Summersgill on the homosexual group's blog. "We still have no statement from the mayor disavowing the certificate or the ex-gay movement. We deserve better."