Just a few thoughts---on the strangeness of our times

Worth Readingby Joseph Gamero

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but I feel a few things that have happened lately, a bit strange. For example, I’m not sure why the Supremes are even thinking about whether or not to allow the names and addresses of those opposed to same-sex “marriage” in California, to be released.

It seems clear to me that doing so would expose those who exercised their rightful freedom of speech, to the wrath of the activist homosexuals and their clear agenda. Would that be fair to them? Would it slam the brakes of freedom of speech? I would say so.

In fact, if you were one of those named, would you fear for your life? Would that fear not incite some nervous people to target homosexuals before being targeted by them? It would be a defensive reaction, wouldn’t it? Let’s hope all people keep their cool. Just a thought.

Second, I find it very strange that within days of the “usurper-in-chief” stating that more drilling would be allowed in the gulf, a tragic accident took place for which America will suffer enormously and for a long time. This in spite of the experts telling us that enough safeguards existed in the system that would make almost impossible to have them all fail, one after the other.

Some people claim that it could have been sabotage; do you think so? Now who in the name of all that’s precious to America, would have interest in wreaking havoc with the environment at this time?

I can only see two possibilities but I’ll leave the choice to you. Just think of who may benefit from it and/or who hates America and its economy enough to do it.

Third, I fail to see why a president loyal and devoted to the citizens of the U.S., could possibly object to the state of Arizona fully applying the spirit of a federal law that it is supposed to ensure the security of its people. Note that contrary to the peaceful demonstrations of the Tea Partiers, those supporting the illegals were not only boisterous but downright violent. The police were there doing their job; why would a mob of anti-Americans, pelt workers for doing what they’re paid to do? Could they have being Marxists? They sure were not decent Americans!

Fourth, another attempt to harm the people of NYC has been averted and one which could have had really tragic consequences at that. Now (and I may go out on a limb here), my opinion is that it wasn’t an American – unless he’s an anti-American Marxist – but a foreigner from any of the America-hating countries or an illegal. Just to be on the safe side, wouldn’t it be better to crack-down on illegals as well as suspected terrorists? Again, just a thought.

Last, after 70,000 world scientists have denounced man-made global warming as a hoax, why is this anti-American administration insisting on implementing a destructive “tax-and-trade” plan? Think about it; does it make any sense to you? I know it does to the Marxists but isn’t that enough to get your alarm bells ringing?

I’m not smarter than any of you; I just ask myself many questions until I find the answers. It makes me wonder why, at these dangerous times, when only drastically reducing taxes and expenses could save the economy, this administration is doing the opposite: spending like drunken sailors, taxing the living daylights out of everyone (except illegals and bums) and cowering in front of the enemies of America. I didn’t think I could say this but I miss “Doubyou.”

Would you do such things if you were in power? I don’t think so, unless your goal was to completely destroy any traces of what the Founding Fathers built, and then rebuild The USA in the image of the USSR. We could call it the USSA (United Socialist States of America).

Would you like that? If not, please do anything peaceful and legal to stop this Obamination.

God Bless,

Joseph A. Gamero