Socialism is slavery

Worth Readingby Vermont Woodchuck

If the State sent individuals with manacles every week to seize you, your wife or husband to toil unpaid for 12 or more hours, depending upon what you make, would you be content?

Your work will consist of serving non-working capable adults in their daily habits such as shopping for them or taking them shopping, driving them in your vehicle to the park, pools day care and doctor visits. See that they get to the cable company to order more channels, to get high speed Internet service and take them wherever else they wish to go. Additionally, cleaning off sidewalks of snow, maintaining common living areas, painting their rentals and picking up their garbage is also your job.

If fact anyone that obtains social services of any kind, you will work for them throughout your allotted work time. Every week 52 weeks a year, you, your husband or wife and working kids if any will do this under consequence without surcease.

You take it every payday when the Government decrees that you pay for non-working capable adults to sit on their bums, ride in taxis to shop, watch cable TV, use the Internet, live in paid housing and get health care you cannot afford. All those services in Vermont are worth about $40 to 45K a year. Are you making that much AFTER taxes?

Socialism is slavery. It takes by force leaving no choice. We fought a war over this very idea, did we not?