Political Correctness: A modern plague of the western world

Worth Reading The swine flu turned out to be child’s play (a hoax) which by-the-way made a few people a few billion dollars at the taxpayer’s expense. We are not to fear pestilences nowadays . The western world’s worst disease is pure and simply “political correctness.” It is an incurable disease that can only be eradicated by getting rid of the source: Marxism.

The world’s smarter and best experiment in governance is the one concocted by the Founding Fathers of the U.S.A., in my humble opinion, with the great help and protection of the Almighty. How else could we explain the victory of a bunch on untrained, unprepared, poorly armed, improperly dressed colonists against the then most powerful forces in the world?

The experiment worked fabulously until about 100 years ago when Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and FDR started “fundamentally changing the United States of America.” Wait! Were have I heard this lately? Oh yes, the Usurper-in-chief, you know the one that doesn’t have a proper birth certificate to show, said that very same thing five days before the 2008 election.

If you’re like me, you’re probably beyond fed-up with the apathy, political correctness and cowardice shown by your “leaders” towards the mortal enemies of the U.S. There are three kinds of them:

a) The natural born or naturalized Americans who are working from within to destroy the country, a.k.a Marxists.

b) The natives of countries living in the US who loath America and what it stands for, mostly from Islamist countries and, no I’m not afraid of speaking the truth.

c) The illegal invaders who are sucking the blood of the American people due to the stupid political correctness imposed upon all, by the various “progressive administrations” America has “enjoyed” lately, who refused to protect the borders.

Look, I have studied history of various countries and, although hopefully it won’t have to get to that point, America must learn from the experience of countries like Spain centuries ago.

The Spaniards kind of welcomed the Moors with open arms, hoping that they would be better than the Visigoth rulers of the time. The rest is history and, after almost eight centuries of brutal and bloody fighting, the native Spaniards prevailed with the surrender of Granada by Boabdil its last Muslim king.

Shortly after and, with the experience of eight centuries of fighting them, the Spanish monarchs decided that it was impossible to coexist with a faith whose only purpose is to make everyone in the world a Muslim and rule by Shariah law, if necessary by force.

Thus the edict that forced them to convert to Christianity or leave the country. Drastic? Absolutely. Effective? For sure!

Would Americans prefer a simpler solution? I think so, as long as it is a permanent peaceful one. What is certain is that it cannot continue the way it is now, where activist Muslim radicals are using local country laws everywhere in the world, to harass all of us in court, only to have progressive judges side with the radicals and cost us a fortune in our defense.

This is not a tactic used only by Muslim radicals, other special interest groups have availed themselves of our stupid political correctness, to mortify many of us.

Today America has been punished with the worst president in its history (aren’t you happy, Jimmy? You’ve lost the title); the most pro Islam; the most anti-Israel; the most anti-Christian; the most anti-Capitalism; the most anti-American. On top of that chances are that he is NOT a natural born American as required by the Constitution, thus he could be not only illegal but by misrepresentation, a traitor and a fraud.

Should that prove to be the case which appears more and more likely as time goes by, why are Americans not demanding as one man, to see the proof of his qualifications?

The man has surrounded himself with people whom most Americans consider to be enemies of the Republic; has taken control of major industries, banks and other financial institutions; is forming his private army a la Hitler’s storm troopers; is spending America out of existence to the point of no return; has passed a law that will tell you when, how and for what reason you can see a doctor; is planning on giving total amnesty to all illegal aliens (that will include himself) and finally, will pass the tax-and-trade aberration which will be the biggest tax-grab ever in the history of mankind; now, rumor has it that he’s asked the military to be prepared for a civil war! I guess those extremely dangerous grannies in the Tea Parties loaded with hand grenades and weapons of mass destruction are scary enough to grant such measure.

Is that the America you want you and your offspring to live in?

No? O.K., what are you doing about it? You must talk to as many people as you possibly can and show them the facts. It is YOUR country we’re talking about; you need to save it.

The only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

God Bless,