President Will Issue Proclamation But No White House Prayer Service

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May 6, 2010 - Washington, DC – In a week of oil spills and car bombs, the National Day of Prayer will be “proclaimed” by the Obama White House, but the traditional White House prayer service has been cancelled once again this year.

President Obama has not held the annual White House prayer service since he took office.

“Every time I hear the President casually end a speech with ‘God Bless America,’ I wonder if he realizes that phrase is a prayer not another edict from Washington,” said Traditional Values Coalition Executive Director, Andrea Lafferty, today.

“I can’t remember a time when America was more in need of God’s blessing, but the President doesn’t see it.

“Islamic groups and atheists teamed up over at the Pentagon to un-invite the world-renowned evangelist Franklin Graham from praying there simply because he spoke the truth and said Islam is ‘evil and wicked.’ No place on this earth can testify to the truthfulness of that statement better than the Pentagon, which lost so many in a cowardly Islamic air attack and loses more brave young American servicemen and women each day in resisting Islamic terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The President and his administration are tone-deaf to the voices of the American people, but still we should raise our voices in prayer so that our government may receive wisdom in its future deliberations.

“And until some semblance of a foreign policy is restored in future elections, I pray that God protects Israel and all of our other allies who seek to preserve freedom and peace. Amen.”

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