Tolerance: Big Brothers' Politically Correct Anti-Virtue

In the article posted below my commentary, "U.S. Taxpayers Fund $6.8 Billion Of Greek Bailout" the writer reports, "..we've just sent a cool $6.8 billion to bail out a socialist country who's citizens actually want their republic to swing more left." Ah well, money grows on trees, so why upset ourselves over a paltry "6.8 billion? After all, a self-renewing money-tree grows right inside the DC beltway, so why be concerned? (extreme sarcasm)

Progressive Liberalisms' morally inverted politically correct 'morality' teaches that man is not responsible for the corrupt, stupid, boorish, profligate, blasphemous, obscenely evil things he says and does. This being the case it becomes the collective responsibility of the rest us to bear the burdens for all unwitting and witting fools, miscreants, thieves, malcontents, Grimma Wormtongues, Golloms, Orcs, and haters. And why is this the case? Because the spirit of Big Brother has declared the death of God the Father, and with His death has also died Original Sin, immutable truth, universal moral law, male-female sex norms, the traditional family, the mandate to procreate, and in short, the foundations of the West, which were built upon a Christian-based worldview. But God is dead and so is Original Sin, says Big Brother, therefore man is now free to sin and do so without guilt or fear!

But of course Big Brother is the consumate Big Liar. So what he really meant is that Prog. Liberals are at liberty to sin but the rest of us will have to bear the burden for their stupidity, lying, cupidity, maledictions, and other wrongdoing.

We bear the burden first, by tolerating whatever stupid evil things are said and done, and second by allowing ourselves to be crucified on behalf of all liberated wrong-doers, for we are their scapegoats. In this case, we are to be crucified by being forced to hand our wealth over to profligate socialist big-spenders because of course they can't help doing what they do and because political correctness teaches that it is the tolerant therefore 'right' thing to do.

Tolerance in the face of every evil, that is Big Brothers' satanically inverted moral order of the day. We must love the evil and embrace the evil-doer for good is evil, evil is good, truth is lie, and lie is truth. In Big Brothers' new order, the criminal is the victim and his victim is the criminal. The illegal alien is not the wrong-doer, no, it is the citizen who insists that he is who is in fact an intolerant evil-racist. Murderous jihadists are freedom fighters and have rights to be in America and anyone who disagrees is in fact insane. Unnatural is natural therefore gayness in its' every disordered impulse is natural while being straight is both disordered and unnatural. Treason is not evil, no, to say that treason is evil is itself evil. Insanity is sanity, hence Big Brother declares that moral imbeciles and the criminally insane are sane while all morally-informed clear-thinking decent people are not just insane but criminally insane. And of course Big Brother has promised that there will be no need for self-defense in his utopian hell on earth, therefore anyone who refuses to hand over his weapons is a stupid, intolerant, evil bigot who ought to be wiped off of the face of the earth.

Big Brothers' diabolically twisted, morally-inverted politically correct canon is why 'tolerance' is the premier anti-virtue of our day, and this is why we are called upon to, "... love the evil and embrace the evil-doer," for evil-doers cannot help what they do, and if you believe that they can, then mental illness is causing you to hallucinate. Not to worry though. Big Brother will restore your mental health by way of psychotropic, mind-altering drugs. ...Linda

U.S. Taxpayers Fund $6.8 Billion Of Greek Bailout Posted by: Jillian Bandes

As Sen. Jim DeMint points out, the International Monetary Fund is sending $40 billion to bail out Greece, and 17% of IMF funding comes from the United States. That means we've just sent a cool $6.8 billion to bail out a socialist country who's citizens actually want their republic to swing more left.

I don't know about you, but I don't go to work in the morning to enable some economically backwards European nation to continue over-paying its government employees.