Obamas' Foolish Associates

"President Obama's high court pick has practically no paper trail, yet her left-leaning orientation is clear. The president knows what he's getting in his old friend Elena Kagan; America doesn't -- yet. 'Our solicitor general, and my friend: Elena Kagan.' That was how Obama introduced his replacement for the most aggressively liberal member of today's court, John Paul Stevens, appointed by Republican Gerald Ford 35 years ago. 'My friend' speaks volumes. Kagan has never been a judge, so we have no written opinions or dissents upon which the Senate -- or the American people -- can judge her suitability to serve as one of the nine most powerful judges in the country. ... Before Obama made her his solicitor general, Kagan was Bill Clinton's associate White House counsel and served on his Domestic Policy Council. Clinton nominated her to the D.C. Circuit near the end of his second term, but the then-Republican majority in the Senate refused to act on that and other nominations. Moreover, it was Lawrence Summers, Clinton-Obama economic bigwig and then-Harvard president, who in 2003 was responsible for Kagan becoming dean of Harvard Law School -- another political appointment. Kagan clerked for Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and for Abner Mikva, the Carter-appointed D.C. Circuit judge, a former Democratic Chicago congressman, a Clinton White House counsel and an Obama legal adviser. It's noteworthy that after Kagan's ill-fated Clinton court nomination, Chicago Law wouldn't let her come back to its faculty, gleaning that she'd just be waiting for her next plum political job. Even the New York Times, which would undoubtedly be happy with a Justice Kagan, is grousing that 'whether by ambitious design or by habit of mind, Ms. Kagan has spent decades carefully husbanding her thoughts and shielding her philosophy from view.' Put it all together and this looks like an ambitious radical stealthily, and for many years, grooming herself for the pinnacle of judicial power. ... With the Supreme Court likely to scrutinize the constitutionality of ObamaCare and other recent Washington power grabs, Elena Kagan is another liberal elitist sure to give her stamp of approval." --Investor's Business DailyMore: http://patriotpost.us/edition/2010/05/12/chronicle/print/