Calif. Schools Conditioning Youth to Accept 'Alternative' Lifestyles

California schools are making sure that the age of the innocent school dance is over. This year, public school officials from across the state are not only supporting homosexual couples at prom, they seek to welcome them by creating guidelines that encourage the participants to come alone or with a group of friends. By offering single or group tickets to the event, California schools are hoping homosexual couples will be more inclined to go.

Randy Thomasson, president of, believes high school proms today are opportunities for teenagers to engage in free sexual activity, dirty dancing, and mischief -- leaving an open for the spreading of STDs and more importantly, the emotional and physical consequences that follow these sexual relationships. He suggests schools do away with proms completely because of the “decadent after-events” and “sexual escapades” that follow the dances.

Randy ThomassonThe president also notes that indoctrinating teens by promoting alternate lifestyles is unacceptable. Nevertheless, California public schools are teaching children as young as kindergarten to support homosexuality, bi-sexuality, and cross-dressing.

He points out that The Golden State, having passed six measures that promote these lifestyles, is one of the two most liberal states in the nation, the other being Massachusetts. Thomasson adds that public school boards throughout California are being pressured to promote these lifestyles, whether they agree with them or not.

“More and more school boards are either frightened [by] lawsuits or just controlled by people who don’t know the truth,” he reports. “It’s hypocritical. Public schools tell kids, 'Don’t smoke; don’t do drugs,' but they tell them, 'Go to homosexuality,' which is very detrimental to their health.”