When Man is 'God' and 'Christ': America Plunges into the Abyss of Insanity and Lawlessness

A recently published essay of mine, "The Unrestrained Depravity of Man: Totalitarianism in a Nutshell," focused both on many truths we have forgotten, and on the catastrophic consequences that ensue when we do. Among them is a truth that many today, particularly the very proud---the willful--- hate with enduring bitterness and resentment. That truth is this: From birth, every man---no man excluded---is both a Dr. Jekyll and an evil-willed Mr. Hyde. All babies are amoral hedonists and pleasure seekers who want what they want when they want it. Deny them in any way and they seethe with rage---uncontrollable temper tantrums. Therefore, unless all children are trained against their natural Mr. Hyde inclinations, which means they must be disciplined in such a way that they learn to control their base impulses rather than their base impulses controlling them, they will grow up to become raging, scheming terrible infants in adult bodies---self-inflated monsters who will even go so far as to call themselves god and require all others to worship them as god.

Individuals who define themselves as 'gays' have in fact defined themselves by the base impulses--the prurient itches--- that control them. As 'gay' is a code word for fetishism, pedophilia, pederasty, sodomy, bestiality, coprophilia, and sado-masochism, then when we foolishly give into the demands of 'gays' to give them equal rights we are really according them license to publicly gratify their prurient itches and to force the acceptance of them by everyone else. This means in practice to engage in public sodomy, to sexualize and make use of our children, to engage in bestiality with animals, to publicly whip and torture themselves in public, to cavort and caper down our streets while engaging in lewd acts, and so on. And if you dissent against 'gayness' you are accused of hate and intolerance.

Of course, hedonistic impulses are not the only ones that can and will enslave man. Pride (self-love; narcissism), covetousness, jealousy, envy, laziness, greed, gluttony, and lying, for example, are equally addictive. St. Augustine observed of ancient Rome as it self-destructed, that all men from the lowliest positions up to highest, most powerful positions have as many masters as they have vices. So it is not surprising then that Nero demanded to be worshipped as a god. Nero suffered from a spiritual disease comprised of many pathologies.

Today this disease is called megalomania. Megalomania quite often falls into diabolicism. Megalomania begins as narcissism and then falls downward. Clinically, narcissism and megalomania are classified respectively as sociopathologies and psychopathologies, for they are destructive of the moral order that is the glue that holds a healthy society together. Examples of megalomaniac politicians are Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama. However, the megalomaniacs standing behind and ultimately pulling the strings on the Clintons and Obama are worse, for they are diabolicists such as George Soros.

Because we have foolishly accorded recognition of and rights for 'gayness' in the name of politically correct tolerance, it stands to reason that just as dark follows light, it will next be demanded of us that we recognize and worship megalomania in its' guise as god and christ. In the examples below, powerfully influential New Age insiders-- movers and shakers behind the emerging World Order--- brazenly declare their supposed godhood. Not one of these individuals is sane. Many have spirit familiars, and all have fallen into the insanity called solipsism:

""Nothing can touch me but the direct action of God and God is my Omnipotent Self...." (John Randolph Rice, The Planetary Commission, The Quartus Foundation, 1984, p. 133)

""...if I sent Jesus, then I would send Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, and all of my great revolutionaries. Is Jesus really my son, any more than the others---or for that matter, any more than every guy and gal is my son and daughter? You are all my children. And 'Christ' means Universal Consciousness. You are all the Christ for whom you seek." (Channeled through Allen Michael, GOD---Unlimited Ultimate Mind---Speaks, Starmast Publications, 1982, p. 15)

"Take now your stand at My side, and let us together prove that Man is God, that there is nothing which is other than God." (Channeled through Benjamin Creme, Messages from Maitreya the Christ, Tara Press, 1980, p. 59)

"To be or not to be a Christ; that is the decision each soul on this planet must make." (John Davis & Naomi Rice, Messiah and the Second Coming, Coptic Press, 1982, p. 36)

A society is sane and healthy when it can clearly discern the difference between good and evil, truth and lie, and normal and abnormal. As a society falls into immorality as America has done, it becomes progressively unhealthier---sicker, more twisted and increasingly insane. Today for instance, we see treason being committed all around us, as exemplified by the article, "Open Borders Lobby..." yet no one dares call it treason precisely because the glue that held our society together, the immutable truth and moral absolutes of Americas' founding Christian-based worldview, have been replaced by moral relativism, which says that each man is entitled to his own personalized truth and morality. Therefore to speak of treason is to 'force your personal morality' on all who do not subscribe to it for all have their own morality. In short, good is now evil, truth is lie, and sanity is insanity.

Read Open Borders Lobby: http://patriotsandliberty.com/?p=9414

In the name of so-called 'enlightened progress, secularism, and scientism,' America has been fast-forwarded to the past. We are now in the dark days of a self-destructing Rome when Pilate looked upon the face of Jesus Christ and sarcastically quiped, "Who can know truth?"

That males and females now define themselves by the base impulses that control them and brazenly assault the last vestiges of moral authority, which is what the quotes and the article entitled, 'Gay' Rainbow Sash Movement....' are really about, points not to 'progress' but to the dissolution of America. It speaks of disorder rather than order. It points to slavery and the end of individual liberty. It points to insanity, not sanity. Collectively, it speaks of endings, rather than beginnings....Linda

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