School Official Who Banned Arizona Basketball Trip Is An LGBT Activist!

Worth ReadingMay 20, 2010 – Suzan Hebson, the woman who banned the Highland Park Illinois High School Girls' ... from traveling to Arizona for a competition, is a long-time troublemaker at the school.

Hebson, the Assistant Superintendent of school district 113, banned the basketball team because she said the new Arizona immigration law violated the values of the school. Ironically, the school sent the team to Communist China, a nation that routinely violates human rights and persecutes women. Apparently, Hebson shares the values of a Communist dictatorship, but not a free and sovereign state attempting to secure its borders.

Hebson has a disreputable record as an LGBT activist at the school. She has forced students to attend a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender workshop and had teens sign a note saying they wouldn't tell their parents what they were taught at the workshop.

Megyn Kelly at Fox News has a detailed report on Hebson's LGBT acti... More: