Tim Dunkin: The Paganization of America

America as we see it today is not the same nation as the America in which my parents grew up. It is certainly not the America that was founded over 230 years ago by a group of patriots who had just won a war of liberation against the most powerful monarchy in the world at that time. These changes, this degradation of America, has accelerated in the last 40 years, however, as a moral sea change swept over this land, driven by the purposeful rejection of America’s Christian foundations and the system of government that was influenced and established under their auspices.

Let us make no mistake – while America was not founded as a Christian nation in the sense of the establishment of Christianity as the state religion, nevertheless America was a Christian nation at her inception. The entire warp and woof of society was permeated with the biblical worldview. Our Founders, realizing the truth of the Christian doctrine of the inherent sinfulness of man, established a government in which power was divided at the federal level between three competing, contrary branches with specifically-defined powers. Further, political power was divided between what was supposed to be a relatively weak federal government and the state governments. The intention underlying this choice was to dilute the ability of any one man or group of people from being able to exercise power, naturally corruptible, over their fellow citizens. This intention, we must understand, was a spiritual and moral one, based upon biblical understandings of the nature of man.

The biblical worldview informed many of the decisions and beliefs of the Founders, not least of which being the claim, embodied in no less a document than our Declaration of Independence, that all men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights. The purpose of government was to protect each citizen in the enjoyment of these rights. The right to self-defense, embodied in the 2nd amendment, derives ultimately from Scripture. The right of each man to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience is consistent with a true understanding of New Testament religion, regardless of what may have happened under the established religions on the European continent. Some colonial writers even claimed to have found a mandate for representative republican government with democratic institutions (like voting and jury trials) in the commands of God to the Israelite commonwealth to choose leaders from among their own people to serve as judges. Clearly, the men of this generation respected the Bible, looked to it for political and philosophical guidance, and were steeped in a worldview that accepted the truths of Scripture.

Despite the attempts at historical revision by some, biblical religion had a strong and tempering influence on our nation in her early years. Some claim that our Founders, and those of their generation, were “rational Deists” who rejected the Bible and its truths. This idea must be flatly rejected, however, when we look at the sum total of what these men said and did, instead of pulling a few quotes out of context, as the atheists and “freethinkers” do. Indeed, one of the first acts of Congress under the new Constitution was, at public expense, to have Bibles printed and distributed to citizens of our nation living in what were then frontier areas. This is not the action of people who rejected Scripture and sought to establish a radically secular nation, such as was seen with the revolution in France.

The biblical worldview, and the system built upon it, helped to protect Americans from many of the ills and vices that have befallen so many other nations throughout history. Pagan nations, by which I mean nations that have rejected the Creator’s worldview in favor of some form or another of purely manmade sentimentality, have traditionally been very different than those societies in which the Judeo-Christian ethic and worldview have been pervasive. These nations have typically been rife with corruption, have considered human life to be a very cheap thing, and have not blushed at even the vilest of immoralities.

For much of her history, America could have been counted among those nations that rejected the pagan for the Judeo-Christian. She was one of a few nations, along with Great Britain and her daughter colonies and a handful of northern European nations, that were holistically Christian nations. As each of these societies has gradually rejected their moral bases, they have drifted into pagan, God-rejecting ways. America is no different. Since the 1960s, the gradual trend towards devolution that was caused by unbelieving, liberal theology accelerated to a breakneck pace. We are to the point now where America cannot credibly be called a truly Christian nation. We have a small residue of those who hold to a truly biblical worldview, but even many of those who call themselves “Christian” hold to a worldview that is utterly alien to the worldview upon which our nation was founded. We, as a nation, are regressing backwards towards a set of social and moral conditions that have characterized pagan, God-rejecting nations all throughout history.

How are we doing this?

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