When Evil Has Destroyed the Foundations

Dear readers, my hope is that you will make the connections between this essay and the two articles, "Wall Street Oligarchy & American Empire," and "Central Banking vs The Republic and the World." The author of the two articles points to the blatant dishonesty of the inner circle (banking cartel members) and of the outer circle (ie., political, academia, UN ngo flunkies, charlatons). Together, both inner circle and outer circle comprise an international criminal cabal remaking the world in its' own image. The foundations of the West and America have been thrown down, thus allowing invasion by hordes of barbarians. With Truth and transcendent Law vanquished, Orwellianism and lawlessness reign supreme. With mankind dehumanized---reduced to unevolved human weeds, unfit eaters, uterine content, or human resources---the cabal is thus enabled to do evil while telling themselves they are doing it for the 'common good.'

When Evil Has Destroyed the Foundations, What Are the Righteous To Do? By Linda Kimball

In a video posted on Worth Reading, Mexico's President Felipe Calderon receives a standing ovation from Democrats for criticizing Arizona's recently passed immigration law. By this law, Arizona citizens desperately hope to prevent their state from disappearing under a tidal wave of illegal immigration and all of the problems connected therein. But self-preservation, whether individual, state, or national is today viewed as a hate crime by monstrously self-inflated Transnational Progressive insiders and the religious zealots who follow their lead.

Do not be deceived by Calderon's seemingly reasonable stance, nor by the Democrats' enthusiastic reaction to it, for neither Calderon's criticism nor the Democrats reaction to it are rational. Rather, they are irrational and, in this instance, wicked. Wicked because the reasoning of these individuals is the corrupted outworking of thought filtered through disordered passions–narcissism, self-entitlement, contempt for the “little guy”, resentment, covetousness, greed, malice, and above all, lust for power.

Sanity is the ability to recognize right from wrong independently of personal feelings, fears, impulses, desires, and compulsions. Rational thinking then, is reasoning disciplined to resist the corrupting influence of personal feelings, thus allowing for the acceptance of truths that contradict feelings, desires, and fancies. In short, rational thinking is morally-informed reasoning. It is dispassionate, rightly-ordered, clear thinking and logical, and is the fruit of impulse-control and unswerving commitment to enduring truths, moral law, and principle. Irrational reasoning is the opposite. Irrationality is the inability to recognize right from wrong independent of personal feelings, impulses, and compulsions. By the degree to which the moral sense is corrupt, so too is reason. The greater the degree of corruption, the more depraved is reason.

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