World Press Rushes To Condemn Israel -- as Usual

Townhall.comby David Limbaugh

In reviewing the available facts about the Israeli storming of the Gaza-bound Turkish flotilla, two conclusions emerge: 1) The Israelis were justified in their actions, and 2) the Israelis will continue to be unjustly condemned by the world community.


Israeli is surrounded by nations and entities either dedicated to its destruction or decidedly hostile to it. In the past five years, Hamas has fired some 10,000 missiles into Israel from Gaza.

With that background and pursuant to its existential right to self-defense, Israel imposed a blockade on Gaza to prevent the delivery of weapons into the area that could and probably would be used by Islamic terrorists in more attacks against Israel.

If Hamas' acts of war against Israeli civilians aren't sufficient to convince you that Israel's blockade was justified, then consider that Egypt has imposed a similar blockade in the area to prevent the delivery of arms to Hamas.

Israel has not completely isolated Gaza. It has been providing abundant humanitarian relief to it and routinely allows the United Nations and international groups entry into the area.

Nor did it deny the delivery of aid to Gaza by this particular flotilla, but insisted on its right to inspect the goods for security purposes before allowing their delivery. What was the reaction of the flotilla's organizer, the Turkey-based IHH?

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said, "All of our appeals were turned down." If the IHH's intentions were benign, why would it refuse its ships to be inspected?

Well, it seems humanitarian aid wasn't the IHH's main motivation. NewsBusters reports that as the flotilla was waiting to embark on its mission, the crowd on one of the ships that would be involved in the incident invoked a jihadist chant: "Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, the army of Muhammad will return." One said, "We are now waiting for one of two good things -- either to achieve martyrdom or to reach Gaza."

But what is the IHH? The Washington Examiner reports that it is a "virulently anti-American, pro-Hamas radical Islamist group" that "has been linked to the ultra-radical Muslim Brotherhood and to al Qaeda by French, Danish and U.S. intelligence agencies" and is one of many groups "that raise and channel funds to Hamas." Hamas has never renounced its organizing purpose: to destroy the state of Israel.

As Israel was contemplating how to deal with this guaranteed disaster, it was fully aware that an unsympathetic and biased international press would uniformly condemn any action it took. Continued...