Crisis not 'wasted': Obama to nationalize oil companies?

Worth ReadingGulf spill disaster leaves left-leaners thinking takeover time

By Drew Zahn WND While management of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has shaken many Americans' confidence in the current administration, some voices in entertainment, news and academia see the crisis as reason to give the federal government even more power – namely, the ability to take over the oil industry.

The notion is catching on with the public, too. A CBS poll recently tabulated 63 percent of Americans believe the Obama administration should be doing more in response to the spill, and activists working through the website are planning protests in 50 cities throughout the week demanding the federal government take over BP, the company that owns and operates the leaking oil drill.

The Seize BP organization is demanding BP assets be nationalized not only to clean up the spill, but also to compensate families affected by what the organization calls "this capitalist-made disaster."

Since BP's offshore drill began gushing crude into the Gulf of Mexico in April, the Obama administration has deferred to the corporation's expertise in seeking to stop the flow.

But as the ongoing environmental disaster has extended beyond 40 days and counting, entertainer Rosie O'Donnell, political pundit James Carville and former Clinton cabinet member Robert Reich have joined those calling for a federal takeover of the situation.

On her "Rosie Radio" program earlier this week, O'Donnell quoted Carville, who told CNN's John King, "This president needs to tell BP, 'I'm your daddy, I'm in charge. You're going to do what we say.'"

"James Carville said the best thing," O'Donnell affirmed, adding that she'd like to see Obama say, "'I'm signing an executive order and I'm taking over the BP oil spill.' Like, boom, boom, boom. Someone has to do it."

In her discussion with Broadway actor Euan Morton, however, the entertainers took the takeover idea even one step farther:

"We don't live in a utopian – what's the word? – communist society, but wouldn't you just love to have the federal government – and I know people talk about big government and all the rest of it; it's just nonsense – I'd love to have the federal government take over the oil companies, use the money to give our children free education, and then in the future we can educate our children to start doing things like solar power, wind power," Morton proposed to his host.

"Exactly," O'Donnell answered.

"I don't know why it's not being done, it's plainly obvious," Morton continued. "It's screaming out for someone."

Audio of the interview, with images provided by The Radio Equalizer, Brian Maloney, can be heard below: