Dems to paint GOPers as 'tea-party extremists'

Worldnet DailySame consultant positioned BP as environmentally friendly Posted: June 14, 2010 9:05 pm Eastern

By Jerome R. Corsi © 2010 WorldNetDaily

Democratic Party pollster and top consultant Stanley Greenberg, who has worked to reposition British Petroleum as an environmentally more correct BP, or "Beyond Petroleum," plans to brand Republicans as angry extremists in an effort to stem Democratic losses in the November midterm elections.

Greenberg's Washington-based firm, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, plans to attack Republicans as "tea-party extremists."

"Affluent suburbs have gone more and more for Democrats over time, both off-year and presidentially," Greenberg suggested in a National Journal panel June 12. "If you look at the economic numbers in the poll, those are voters who are seeing improvements, in their personal lives especially, [and] will probably see it in the coming months. They also look at the tea party and the extremism of the Republican Party, and I think it further reinforces this trend."

Providing insight into Obama administration attacks on insurance companies, banks, Wall Street and "Big Oil," Greenberg stressed he intended to focus his strategy for electing Democrats on mobilizing the "populist streak" he sees in the suburbs where people "are angry at the companies, they're angry at government, they're angry at the insurance companies, they're angry at the oil companies, they're angry at Wall Street."

He continued: "If Democrats understand that, then that's the framing of this election, that fighting for the middle class and against these people and their greed and what they did to the country is a powerful concept."

At the National Journal panel, Greenberg also supported Democratic Party efforts to portray Republicans as the party of "No," when he advised, "I'm watching the Republican Party. That negative image is a backdrop that allows Democrats to, at the end, pose a choice."