Joran Van Der Sloot and the Decline of Moral Society

By Tim Dunkin

"If I had to describe myself as an animal, it would be a snake."

So said 22-year old Dutchman Joran van der Sloot on his YouTube personal page. As the reader most likely well knows, van der Sloot was arrested last week on the charge of murdering Stephany Flores, a young Peruvian girl, by choking her to death. He has since confessed to this crime. Van der Sloot is also the premiere suspect in the murder of an American girl, Natalee Holloway, in Aruba five years ago. While that crime has not been proven against him – yet – his murder of Flores is beyond doubt. The evidences all seem to indicate that young Joran is a predator, one who preys on young women, but who is not satisfied with merely destroying them emotionally. In short, snake or no, he certainly is an animal.

How did Joran van der Sloot turn into the sort of person that he is? What happened? Where did he go wrong? A strong case can be made, I believe, that his crimes are the direct result of the influence of his lifestyle and worldview upon an already unstable psychological profile. Van der Sloot certainly left us a number of clues as to his underlying view of the world, and how it affected the way he viewed himself and others. From his Facebook account, we learn,

He likes the rapper Notorious B.I.G. and pop singer Katy Perry, the TV show South Park. He has 160 kills in the game "Mob Wars" and likes "Pissing in random places when totally drunk/wasted," Texas Hold'em Poker, Heineken beer and Barack Obama.

Elsewhere, it has been reported of him (translated),

On internet dating pages, the Dutchman was described as "attractive, agnostic, a regular smoker and drinker, who likes to make trouble anywhere when I am totally wasted."

People who know him well also wrote of their impressions. A friend described him as arrogant, saying he couldn't believe some of the things he did without inhibition.

Joran van der Sloot is the epitome of the modern amoral man, the one who doesn’t let little things like “morals” or “inhibitions” get in the way of a good time.

What do we know about him, just from these snippets that he has told us of himself? He has no care for the things of religion. He acts without inhibition. He enjoys the thought of killing people, what with his “160 kills” in the game Mob Wars. He is completely controlled by his impulses and desires. He feeds all of this by partaking of some of the vilest music and popular culture that America has polluted the world with. He despises the things (and likely the people) who would demand personal responsibility, self-government, or even adult behavior from him. He is the sort of person who readily yields to, and in fact actively pursues, whatever experiences will be personally gratifying to him, regardless of the consequences for himself or for other people.

His murder of Stephany Flores, and likely his murder of Natalee Holloway as well, are the end result of this sort of lifestyle, these sorts of influences, upon those who are psychologically weaker and more susceptible to putting the raging fantasies in their heads into action.

But we have to admit, as individually responsible for his own horrid act(s) as Joran van der Sloot is, it isn’t as if modern Western civilization – especially the European civilization of which he is a part – does much anymore to hinder this sort of thing. Europe is a godless continent, unless you count the parts currently under the theocratic sway of the ever-increasing European Muslim population. Godless civilizations produce godless people who act in godless ways. No matter how hard the atheists and “freethinkers” try to trumpet the crimes of religion, it cannot be credibly denied that one solitary century of complete control by the godless in just a relatively few countries has racked up a larger body count and a more extensive imposition of human misery than has all the history of crusades, inquisitions, and witch trials.

Europe reached this point because it rejected the moral basis of sound, stable, successful civilization – which is the acknowledgement of God as both Creator and Judge. He made us, He gave us the choice to abide with His laws or not, and we will be accountable to Him one day. A civilization that truly internalizes these dicta will produce a society where self-government is the rule, rather than the exception. People in such civilizations will control their own behaviors, and if they do not, then they will be restrained from those behaviors which harm the lives and liberties of their fellows. In a godless society such as Europe’s, both of these restraints are increasingly being thrown off. More and more Europeans refuse to consider morality as any sort of inhibitive factor. More and more European governments are throwing off their God-given mandate to maintain order to prevent their citizens from destroying each others’ lives.

But, while I’m coming down pretty hard on Europe, the same thing can increasingly be said about America. Our nation is headed down the same path. Indeed, it was to the foul cup of American entertainment that Joran van der Sloot put his lips so as to feed himself in his rebellion. Our people are increasingly refusing to self-govern, and our judges and legislators are refusing to put into place and enforce just laws which protect each of us from the others – even while they are actively putting into place all kinds of laws that are stealing our liberty, instead.

How can we explain Obama’s recent choice of “Justice” Robert Chatigny for the federal Appeals Court? Chatigny is most notorious for his 2005 staying of the execution of a serial rapist and murderer in Connecticut, during which he openly advocated for the convict, to the point that seven state prosecutors filed complaints against him for his complete lack of neutrality and decorum in his actions as a judge. He has also, on numerous occasions, disregarded mandated sentencing guidelines so that he could give lighter sentences to sex offenders and child pornographers. Chatigny is a proponent of the profound legal theory that sexual sadists are “less culpable” for their crimes, because of their sexual sadism. In other words, because they have a propensity to these crimes and do not act to control themselves, it’s not really their fault when they commit them.

This is the very antithesis of self-government and ordered liberty.

Yet, it is being played out, on a smaller and less notorious scale, in the lives of millions in America today. Nothing is ever anyone’s own fault. How dare you tell me what is right and wrong. When morals are tossed out the window by those who want to pretend to be rugged individuals, but who are really children in grown-up bodies, is it any surprise when the fibers of society start to strain, and then break? America is at that point. Most Americans reject, often without realizing it, the biblical worldview and the self-government that necessarily comes with it. Morals, self-control, social conservatism – all that jazz is old-fashioned. It stands in the way of progress. It interferes with human happiness as it is realized in doing whatever you want, whenever you want (and, should I silently add, to whomever you want?). This will invariably, as can be seen by those with the willingness to see it, lead to the violence and sociopathy we see in so many of our fellow citizens today. Sure, not everybody who rejects morality and lives the radically secular lifestyle of amoralism is going to snap and start serial killing. But some do, and some will. Many more simply make the lives of everyone else around them that much more unpleasant through their thoughtlessness and social autism.

What will be the consequences for American society if we, as a people, continue to reject biblical morality and self-government? I hate to break it to some folks, but it will not be the sleek, shiny, happy “Star Trek” society where all our needs are met and everyone lives in harmony with everyone else in a secular Eden.

Instead, we will have more and more snakes like Joran van der Sloot of our own.