Al Gore Accused Of Groping A Massage Therapist

Worth Reading The story buried on Page A4 of today's Washington Post (A16 of the New York Times) explained a lot and reminded us just how biased the liberal media is.

I did a double-take over my coffee this morning as I skipped over stories about an impasse in the whale-hunting talks in Morocco and another one about releasing freshly scrubbed pelicans at a wildlife refuge near the oil spill. Right there at the bottom of the page was this headline "Oregon investigated sex accusation against Gore." The story detailed how the former vice president groped a massage therapist in Oregon in 2006. This was after Mr. Gore's Secret Service escort was removed and he was on the loose. (Funny, Bill Clinton never let the Secret Service or any other adult supervision cramp his "dating.")

My first thought was that this is a story the editors at the Washington Post didn't think I should be told but (for CYA purposes) they wanted to include it in the newspaper and all of the really valuable space on the obituary page and real estate section had been filled already.

I also thought how different this story would have been treated if it involved Dick Cheney or anyone with the last name Bush. Everyone over at MSNBC would have had to use their credit cards to keep mouthy Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow from swallowing their tongues and who knows how many appendages on Chris Matthews would have been tingling. (To be fair, the Washington Post actually carried the story buried as it was but MSNBC still hasn't reported on it.)

It served as a reminder that at the Post, New York Times, National Public Radio, etc. , all editors seem to be using the same foggy and blurred glasses to view the political landscape. A woman of Indian heritage and an African-American man win primaries in South Carolina with the support of the Tea Party and still the liberal media tries to tag and bag the tea party as racist and xenophobic.

It explained to me the mystery of the Al and Tipper Gore break-up but, more than that, it reinforced my conviction that the editors at the liberal media think there are some stories we don't need to know and they have no hesitancy to look the other way when truth stands right in front of them.

Some people may not notice this story and that is exactly what the liberal editors intended. I did notice it and I just wanted to be sure that they knew that. Their treatment of this story tells me a lot more about them than it does about Al Gore on the loose.