Boy Scouts Win Victory Against LGBT Agenda!

Worth Reading Finally, the Philadelphia Boy Scouts have achieved a victory over the radical LGBT political movement!

The Boy Scouts had been kicked out of a city building in Philadelphia because the organization refused to permit homosexuals to serve as leaders or as members. Ironically, the city building occupied by the Scouts had been built by the Boy Scouts with their own funds, but had been given to the city.

A gay city manager became angry that the Scouts were using the building and paying only $1 a year for rent. He claimed that the Scouts violated the city’s pro-gay anti-discrimination ordinance and wanted them evicted or forced to pay $200,000 a year to rent the space.

Fortunately, a jury ruled in favor of the Boy Scouts. The jury determined that the Boy Scouts had the right – under the Constitution – to set their own membership standards. In 2000, the Supreme Court had also ruled in favor of the Scouts. The Court stated that the Scouts was a private organization and could set its own moral standards for membership.

The Scouts leaders believe they have the obligation to protect their members from the predatory practices of homosexuals – and to uphold Judeo-Christian-based moral standards of sexual behavior.

The Boy Scouts in Philadelphia have won a victory for now. But, I suspect the LGBT activists will keep trying their best to destroy the Scouts for their commitment to honor and sexual purity. What LGBT activists can’t control, they destroy.