Liberal to Conservatives, Right: "...You Lost, Get Used to It..."

Worth Reading"We won, you lost, now get used to it." - as quoted by a left-wing liberal in my local newspaper.

Yes, the Democrats won the Presidential election in 2008, but the fact is that the Democrats cheated. And they cheated big time. The evidence that they cheated is so glaring that it shows the "emperor has no clothes" -- yet no Congressional politician (or very very few) want to shout that fact to the world. Why such a cover-up of muted silence?

The Democrats cheated big time, Chicago-style. And hold-on liberal critics, I'm not against a black man being President. I would gladly take Alan Keyes, Thomas Sowell, or Walter Williams as President--and by-the-way, these men are 100% black, not the 50% black (at most) that Obama is.

All of these men (Keyes, Sowell and Williams) are scholars, and have proven track records in their fields. And when I say proven, I mean records of substance, not political shallowness mixed with empty rhetoric that is puppeted with the constant aid of teleprompters and pre-arranged questions.

Let me be one to shout again that emperor Obama "has no clothes."

The entire issue of Barack Obama's eligibility (e.g. the "clothes") was first brought to the forefront in 2008 by lawyers acting on behalf of Democrat Darling Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Specifically, by Phillip J. Berg, (hardly a member of any vast right wing conspiracy), who was an ardent supporter of Clinton, and her candidacy for the presidency.

Notwithstanding his liberal pedigree, Berg like a bloodhound after the kill, was hot on the trail of one Democrat rival of Clinton, specifically Barack Obama, because Berg wished to "protect" (in his words) the American people from electing a non-citizen to the most powerful office in the world.

In August 2008, before Obama was officially nominated by the Democrat party, Berg filed a legal challenge to Obama's constitutional eligibility to occupy the Oval Office. On October 23, Berg filed a Motion to Expedite Resolution of Berg V. Obama, summarized directly below:

" This motion argues that the facts have been established that Barack Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be elected or serve as President of the United States, and that the Court should issue a summary judgment as follows:

§ That Barack Hussein Obama a/k/a Barry Hussein Obama a/k/a Barack Dunham a/k/a Barry Dunham a/k/a Barack Soetoro a/k/a Barry Soetoro is not a “natural born” or “naturalized” United States citizen.

§ That he is ineligible to run for and/or serve as President of the United States.

§ That the Democratic National Committee be enjoined from naming Barack Hussein Obama, et al as the Democratic Presidential Candidate on the ballot.

§ That the Democratic National Committee and Barack Hussein Obama, et al are enjoined from any further campaigning on behalf of Barack Hussein Obama, et al for Office of the Presidency.

§ That Barack Hussein Obama’s, et al name be removed from any and all ballots for the Office of the President of the United States."

So much for Obama's illegal qualification to be President coming from the "vast right-wing conspiracy." And yet, never to my knowledge has Berg ever retracted his sincere belief that Obama was ineligible for the office of President. "The facts were established" according to Berg, yet the entire issue vanished from the Democrat platform. And, while it seems that Berg has disappeared off the news radar, Clinton is now Secretary of State. There is a BIG cover-up here somewhere, and it stinks to high-heaven, smellable by anybody whose political "nose" has not been plugged by Democrat snot.