News From the Swamp: White House Shakeup

PatriotPost.US White House budget director Peter Orszag will be leaving his post in July, moving on to the think-tank world. He is the first member of the Obama cabinet to depart, but the administration doesn't plan to look far for a replacement. Candidates include Office of Management and Budget director Rob Nabors, Laura D'Andrea Tyson from the president's Economic Advisory Board, and Gene Sperling, former Clinton economic adviser and current counselor to Timothy Geithner.

Orszag was a driving force behind the stimulus bill and ObamaCare as well as the skyrocketing federal budget. The big government pedigree of his possible replacements indicates that the Obama administration has no intention of changing its big spending ways -- as if that were in question.

There were also some rumors circulating about Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel calling it quits after the midterm elections. The London Telegraph3 cited frustrations between the "abrasive pragmatist" Emanuel and the "optimistic inner circle" of the Obama team. The White House quickly labeled the story "ludicrous" and said it should be ignored, but Emanuel originally viewed the position as an 18-month job, and it's no secret that he's interested in running for mayor of Chicago in 2011. There also may be some credence to the report that Emanuel has been clashing with other Obama advisers. He has a well-established reputation as a tough customer, and the leftist ideologues who populate Obama's team have reportedly rubbed him the wrong way more than once. More: