Global Warming & Economy-Massacring Policies


"[S]o a lot of scientists -- and especially politicians, actors, and musicians -- are really, really super certain we have to do something about this 'global climate warming change,' as they call it, but seem unable to convince the average man it's not a bunch of mumbo jumbo -- especially to the extent that everyone is going to agree to economy-massacring policies. That seems perfectly rational to me; if I'm wrong, and we're destined for doom but the only way to live is to be a bunch of hippies, I'd rather be dead. ... So I'm happy to punt this possible crisis down the road and worry about the more concrete and better understood problem that the sun is eventually going to kill us all. Which apparently makes me like someone who denies the murders of millions of Jews in the Holocaust. See, the other day, Paul McCartney (who long ago participated in creating a song warning of the global warming crisis, the chilling 'Here Comes the Sun') compared skepticism about global warming to Holocaust denial. And he's certainly not the first. ... Do these people not understand what the Holocaust was? We're talking about a coordinated attempt to exterminate the Jews. Millions of them were rounded up and sent to forced labor camps and killed in gas chambers. It's horrific beyond belief. How could one compare the temperature possibly rising a couple degrees to people being put in ovens? What low opinion must those people have of Jews -- of their fellow human beings? ... The Holocaust was the nadir of humanity, the worst man can be to his fellow man, and it's not some political point to be tossed around because you're super duper certain your issue is really, really important. If the people worrying about global warming want to convince others, maybe they should reflect a bit more on how to be less repugnant about it." --columnist Frank J. Fleming