The shameless gall of the Current Marxist Administration

Worth Readingby Joseph Gamero

Here. I’ve always called a spade, a spade and there’s no reason for me to change now. I’m amazed and appalled at the lack of honesty of the current administration.

Once more, The Usurper ran on the basis of uniting the country; ending corruption; ending patronage; working together with the opposition; etc., etc. Can anyone show me examples of his keeping any of those promises? I sure would be very grateful.

About one and one half years latter, the country is more divided than ever and showing, for the first time since the Civil War, signs of several states thinking of secession; corruption is at an all time high and with attempts to bring it into the SCOTUS; patronage seems to be the unofficial middle name of this administration and the POTUS has on several occasions refused to even meet with the opposition. Oh, I almost forgot, the country is on the verge of bankruptcy, while the POTUS takes his sweet time dithering about what to do with the biggest man-made ecological disaster in the history of the nation.

How conveniently timed was the Gulf “accident” to prop-up the most destructive environmental law ever envisioned by any American administration. If the progressives manage to pull it off, it will be the end of the U.S.A as we new it.

If this anti-American; anti-Christian; anti-Jewish administration is allowed to continue, Barry Soetoro will achieve his goal of becoming the long-term dictator his backers want him to be: King Barry (the I) and the first pro-Islam ruler of the ex-Republic.

Let's see. One of the first duties of any head of state is purely and simply to protect the borders of its nation against foreign invasions whether armed or just illegal immigration. Well, after the dereliction of duty by the current President and the Marxist-controlled Upper and Lower houses before him, the State of Arizona had no choice but to defend itself against the high crime brought about by the illegals and the drug cartel.

Other states have also passed laws, some of which truly encroach the federal (purposely un-enforced) existing laws. What do the federal cronies do? They challenge the only state which chose to mirror the federal law the closest!

It is my sincere wish that all Americans unite behind Governor Brewer and the people of Arizona to end this despicable charade of the Marxists in power federally.

You see, Barry chastises the Republicans for “not agreeing with comprehensive immigration reform.” Now, for those not yet familiar with Barry’s a.k.a. Barack’s lexicon, that means total amnesty for those who broke the U.S. laws by entering the country in a criminal manner. Never mind the unfairness of that move to those trying to follow the existing law and waiting for the government’s approval. It is fair to assume that those coming in legally are more likely to follow all laws and be productive members of society. The key operative word here is: illegal. Does Obama care?

Of course, there’s that tiny little expectation by the Marxists that, those who broke the immigration laws, will vote Democrat if nothing else, out of gratefulness for their pardon. I’m sure that is not the real motivation of the powers that be for the amnesty though.

Well, those of us who have been following the Obama saga have noticed the enormous and growing discontent of more and more legal citizens, thus the growth of the Tea Parties and other spontaneous demonstrations of disapproval of the out-of-control socialism being rammed down your collective throats.

President Soetoro came to power to bring America to the Socialist level of Europe except, the man and his lackeys and controllers are so out-to-lunch, they haven’t realized Europe is now suddenly moving to the right because its rampant Marxism hasn’t worked at all.

What the U.S. needs is a total reversal of policies; a condemnation of what was done in the past; a dismantling of all artificial barriers to growth that were built by the decades of Marxist domination; a limiting of the totalitarian powers of the Unions (at the hands of unscrupulous union bosses); a normalizing of the pensions and fringe benefits to a fair manageable and sustainable level; a drastic reduction of the public sector; a brutal reduction of the excessive taxation and a return to the principles, safeguards and checks-and-balances that the Founding Fathers put in place in anticipation of the kind of people who are now in and around the White House.

It is totally immoral that farmers in California do not have access to water for their fields, because another out-of control federal aberration wants to protect a few small fish. This is only an example of the kind of dictatorship Americans are enduring.

The Gulf devastating spill is Obama’s doing and a moratorium will not do America any good, rather, getting the government to do its duty and to perform its inspecting obligations, would have prevented the present situation. Sorry Barry, no blaming “Georgy” for this one.

Drill baby drill. Drill everywhere so America is independent of foreign oil. Control the abusive powers of the unions (or rather of the union bosses) and get back the legendary greatness of America to create, invent and manufacture as it did in the past when America was free of Marxism!

Get America back!

Joseph A. Gamero