Convicted Felons Helped Al Franken Steal the Election

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Many thought SNL alum Al Franken’s bid for the US Senate was a joke in 2008. That was until the votes came in and there was a virtual tie between Franken and then-Senator Norm Coleman. The contested Minnesota race took months and many legal battles before courts finally ruled Franken as their new Senator. It now appears his nomination was not only a joke, but his election was pushed over the top by the illegal votes of felons.

Not surprisingly Fox News is one of the only folks out there reporting on a new finding by Minnesota Majority showing that Franken received at least 341 counted votes by felons. All of those ballots should have been cast out, because it was illegal for those felons to vote. Considering Franken only ending up winning by 318 votes, that means he should never have been declared the winner and Coleman should still be the Senator.

Minnesota Majority is a conservative watch dog group and did an extensive 18 month study they say cannot be denied and should be taken seriously. The organization knows it is too late to change the election, but it would like its findings to make sure things are handled better in the future.

“We aren’t trying to change the result of the last election. That legally can’t be done. We are just trying to make sure the integrity of the next election isn’t compromised.” – Dan McGrath, Minnesota Majority’s executive director.

Some Minnesota counties are ignoring this research while others are taking it very seriously. Fox News reports: