Liberation Theology Moves to the Border: PCUSA Joins AZ Boycott

Faultline USA The far left Presbyterian (PCUSA) has joined the Arizona Boycott and refuses "to hold national meetings in Arizona and any states that adopt strict immigration laws such as Arizona's new Senate Bill 1070."

Dozens of municipalities and private organizations have announced various types of boycotts or protests over the policy. But no religious groups were included as of Friday on lists assembled by the Arizona Republic newspaper and a private, pro-boycott organization called Arizona Boycott Clearinghouse. . .

"Our work will always be to stand with those who are the most marginalized," said Rick Ufford-Chase of New York, a former moderator of the denomination who for years worked with immigrants in Tucson, Ariz.

The PCUSA, which is on it's last legs as a viable mainline denomination, has given itself over to the open pandering of all so-called "marginalized" groups, and to heretical leftist theology in an attempt to bolster it's sagging membership rolls.

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It would appear that the truly marginalized are the long-suffering legal residents of Arizona and of all the border states, who have had to put up with the continued onslaught of violent and deadly crime brought about by the massive illegal invasion from across the deliberately unsecured border!!!

These panderers, who call themselves Christians, have a completely different "progressive" agenda and they are hardly champions of the marginalized, who are ultimately their pawns.