The Demise of Mainline Religious Denominations in America

Right Side Newsfrom J. D. Longstreet

America is in trouble. BIG TROUBLE! I write not of the financial mess in which we find ourselves embroiled. No. The crisis of which I speak is a crisis of the soul of every individual American. And the blame for this endangerment of the souls of Americans can be laid at the feet of the hierarchy of the mainline religious denominations in America.

This nation, whether you choose to believe it -- or not, was founded as much on biblical scripture as it was on common law. America used to be a "God-fearing" nation filled with people who KNEW they relied upon the kindness and the grace of an omnipotent God to guide them through any troubles they/we as individuals, and as a nation, faced. That is no longer the case. The result of of switching America's fealty from God to man is plain for all to see. We are today - a pitiful nation in decline

America resembles nothing less today than a once powerful, muscular, man whose body is riddled by cancer and has shrunken to a shell of its former being.

When America was young and vital the ministers of the mainline denominations took to their pulpits to preach from the Scriptures. They told their parishioners of the story of God's benevolence, his faithfulness, and they told us of his jealousy. They reminded Americans that God himself said: "I am a jealous God!"

Those of us perched in the pews knew there was a price to be paid for willfully disconnecting oneself from the power source that is God. Equally as important, I think, we Americans knew, in those days, that America was no accident. We KNEW that America was to us as the Promised Land had been, and remains, to the Jewish people.

The extreme importance the ministers, priests, and rabbis of the churches and synagogues cannot be overestimated. It was they who shepherded the huge flock known as America in the way they should go. And America was so much better for it.

The bitter truth is, in my opinion, the church has turned its collective back on the One they purportedly serve and now serve, instead, their own interests, their own, politics, their own politically correct philosophy of what God ought to be, and, in so doing, they have created God in their own image. And what a pitiful god they have created!

Moral equivalence has no place in the pulpit. When God, Himself, refers to some action, or inaction of man as a sin, then it is not left to the ministers to equivocate. They are bound to pass God's pronouncement on to the sheep of their flock. For a pastor to do less cannot be defined as being honest with either man or God.

There was a time, not so long ago, when ministers were the pillars of their community, both the religious community and the secular community. They were solid citizens. They could be looked up to, relied upon, and trusted. In many cases they were role models for youngsters who would later join their ranks as pastors, priests, and rabbis. That was then. This is now.

Those members left in the congregations of today's mainline churches are growing older as the rolls continue to shrink. Attendance at services is very low. In some of the denominations there seems to be an on going struggle of wills between the membership and the hierarchy of the churches. Such an atmosphere is not conducive to worship. Sniping? Maybe. Worship? No.