Dems Enact a Landslide of New Taxes Beginning 01 July 2010

Canada Free Press By Jerry McConnell Saturday, July 17, 2010 A series of articles from Grover Norquist ( in late June flagged us to a series of articles most of which covered the huge set of taxes on everything that breathes or not.

This is the shoe that we’ve been waiting to hear drop; only it will be more like a 100 megaton thunder clap that will ring in your ears and wallets for a long, long time. As we have all found out since the stealthy passage of ObamaCare by means of bribes, job offers, and traitorous actions of Dem Congresspersons who had said they would not vote for it but then did, as all untrustworthy Democrats are wont to do, there are a very high number of new taxes that will be imposed on Americans beginning in July 2010.

And believe me, it’s just the beginning, my fellow country men and women. So far there have been 21 new taxes uncovered in the ultra large bill and as Grover Norquist via reports that Obama had pledged that “no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase.”

Well, guess what? He lied. But by now we also have found out that he does that with frequent regularity. It’s part of his charm; lie to the people and SMILE showing all those glossy white teeth which we’ve also come to know to be as deadly as a shark’s. I believe that the only time we can trust what he says is when he when he is not talking. In his case, silence is golden. More: