Arizona Fighting Back Against Obama Onslaught

Worth Readingby Jim Kouri

Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense today announced that National Guard deployments to the Southwest border will begin on August 1 "to combat the transnational criminal organizations that smuggle weapons, cash and people across our Southwest border."

Critics claim this is nothing more than a replay of the Bush dog and pony show when he deployed Guardsmen at the border with rules of non-engagement. The troops performed clerical duties, answered telephones and acted as security guards ordered to only observe and report.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have not backed from their threats against the state of Arizona.

Last Thursday, public-interest attorneys filed a "motion to intervene" on behalf of Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, author of Arizona’s new illegal immigration law SB 1070, in the Obama Justice Department lawsuit challenging the law, which is set to take effect on July 29.

According to the Judicial Watch, the court filing was made “to further the interests of his legislative district and all citizens of Arizona, Senator Pearce authored SB 1070. On January 13, 2010, Senator Pearce introduced SB 1070 into the Arizona Senate. Over several months, Senator Pearce worked with his colleagues to enact a statutory scheme that made SB 1070 the public policy of all state and local government agencies in Arizona. Senator Pearce was the chief sponsor of SB 1070 and voted in favor of its passage. Senator Pearce’s efforts came to fruition when Governor Brewer signed SB 1070 and HB 2762 into law. As the author and driving force behind the enactment of SB 1070, Senator Pierce has the right to defend it.”

Meanwhile, in another disgraceful example of the Obama Administration’s hostility toward enforcing illegal immigration law the Obama Justice Department announced this week that illegal immigration sanctuary cities can continue their illegal behavior without fear of prosecution.

According to Newsmax,com, “A week after suing Arizona and arguing that the state’s immigration law creates a patchwork of rules, the Obama administration said it will not go after so-called sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with the federal government on immigration enforcement, on the grounds that they are not as bad as a state that ‘actively interferes."

"In other words, protecting American citizens from criminal aliens is ripe for federal condemnation and legal action, but aiding and abetting criminal aliens is ignored at best, applauded at worst by the Obama Justice Department," said former New York police detective Mike Snopes.

On April 23, 2010, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed into law the legislation authored by State Sen. Pearce that, among other provisions, makes it a crime to be in the State of Arizona without proper documentation. State Sen. Pearce crafted the language in the bill consistent with federal law. However, the Obama Justice Department filed a lawsuit challenging the law and requesting a preliminary injunction preventing the law from being enforced.

State Senator Pearce issued the following statement on his legal effort to defend SB 1070: “The purpose of SB 1070 is to protect the citizens of Arizona from the devastating and deadly impact of rampant illegal immigration. And it is outrageous that the Obama administration would attack Arizona for simply protecting its own citizens, especially when it has failed so miserably to do its constitutional duty and secure the border. This is a legal battle of epic proportions."

Sen. Pearce's statement goes on to say: "As a Senator in a state on the frontlines, I see firsthand the damage being done to our state and our country. What happens here in Arizona will impact every state in the country interested in protecting its citizens by enforcing the rule of law. We are a nation of laws. We must have the courage — the fortitude — to enforce, with compassion but without apology, those laws that protect the integrity of our borders and the rights of our lawful citizens.”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton issued the following statement on the new push to defend SB 1070: "Our work to defend SB 1070 for Senator Pearce may be the most important piece of litigation that Judicial Watch has undertaken in its 16 year history. In many ways, this comes down to a fight between those who want to enforce the law and those who do not."

"The Obama White House wants to kill this law because it does not want to bear its constitutional responsibility to secure the border and enforce the law. We are proud to stand with Arizona State Sen. Pearce, Governor Brewer and the citizens of Arizona in support of the rule of law,” said Fitton.

Jim Kouri, CPP is currently fifth vice-president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police and he's a columnist for The Examiner ( and New Media Alliance ( In addition, he's a blogger for the Cheyenne, Wyoming Fox News Radio affiliate KGAB ( Kouri also serves as political advisor for Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor Michael Moriarty.