How the Left is Gaining Control of Evangelicals

Faultline USA According to an article this week in The New York Times, Obama is winning over Evangelical leaders to his immigration overhaul “that would include some path to legalization for illegal immigrants already here.”

Go ahead and read the entire article then come right back here. We will move through the above article taking some excerpts to show how the left has used or navigated through the following steps in order to gain a foothold among Evangelicals.

Nine Steps for Gaining a Political Foothold Among the “Spiritually” Ambitious

1. Use a divisive political issue of great humanistic potential that, when properly framed, will appear to have little Biblical support for a conservative response. Entice religious leaders to choose one way over another by maintaining a tight control of the description of the issue and of those involved. Change the descriptions frequently as necessary.

2. Make sure the divisive issue is loaded with heart-wrenching stories demanding a compassionate response by constantly stating that it is “morally right.”

3. The “victim” must never be described in terms of his or her own moral obligations or immoral actions, or by any individual deeds. Remember, the “victim” is not responsible for his or her deeds. The issue can never be about individuals but about groups of people – about communities. Be sure to describe actual offenders as “victims” belonging to a specific minority or marginalized group, and those who want justice as powerful, privileged “oppressors,” or better yet, call them “racists.”

4. Pit the gentle cries for compassion from so-called “victims” against the shrill sounding demands for justice from their “oppressors.” Remember that the issue must always be framed as the battle between under educated moral zealots who only see things in legalistic black and white terms (conservatives) against the more highly educated, influential, and all-loving-all-accepting community of true believers (progressives).

5. Bury any news that would call the offender’s “victimhood” into question.

6. Forge friendships between political activists and with other religious leaders by building coalitions that will work on some conservative issues while laying the ground-work for future cooperation on not so conservative issues. It’s the coalitions that matter for the mobilization of conservatives into gradually supporting more progressive social justice issues in the future.

7. Find a hand-full of high profile and very ambitious conservative religious leaders who have the “wisdom” to see that most of their own moral dilemmas usually boil down to a simple numbers game. After all, these leaders want to be on the winning $$$ side and they’ll have no problems convincing themselves, and their followers, that God is on their side too.

8. Use friendly (left-leaning) media to spread the word that this movement is rapidly growing among influential leaders and among the good and compassionate people who really count.

9. Cover over all end-game political rhetoric and party goals beneath a veneer of high-minded, virtuous-sounding, theological language designed to capture the hearts and minds of the spiritually gullible.

There you have it. Such a simple recipe and it works for any number of issues.