News bias in prez race more than just a theory

Look what goes on behind scenes when reporters back their favoritePosted: August 02, 2010 9:21 pm Eastern

By Aaron Klein © 2010 WorldNetDaily

In little-noticed comments, a member of the controversial JournoList e-mail group first publicly exposed in 2008 that news media reporters "threw their support" to Barack Obama, then a presidential candidate.

John B. Judis, senior editor at the New Republic and a contributing editor to the American Prospect, described in a May 2008 article for the New Republic how members of the news media openly backed Obama.

At first, reporters backed Obama's chief rival for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton. But Clinton alienated reporters by her attacks on Obama instead of recognizing him as a "historic" candidate, conceded Judis.

Wrote Judis: "Race is the deepest and oldest and most bitter conflict in American history – the cause of our great Civil War and of the upheavals of the 1950s and '60s. And if some voters didn't appreciate the potential breakthrough that Obama's candidacy represented, many in the Democratic primaries and caucuses did – and so did the members of the media and Obama's fellow politicians."