Message To Progressives: Stop Destroying Individual Liberty Because of Fear Of What You Did With Yours For Power Alone

Resist Net The amoral and Faithless George Soros--whose daughter, Andrea Colombel, gave accommodation to the Clintons at her home in Rhinebeck, where Chelsea was married last weekend--has misused his wealth regularly, in a manner too long to list (i.e. Breaking the Bank of England, convicted of insider trading in France, Rosia Montana Romania gold mine, etc.), but always with the same goal of making more than what he has and using his wealth for power to abuse even more people (google “Soros Rosia Montana Romania”).

Warren Buffett, and his Berkshire Hathaway company, buying and selling, for the precious profit, to use again buying and selling, only to displace people and jobs in his company’s effort to make a “purchased asset” worth more.

Bill Gates, same story, only this time with an ego twist, to assure a monopoly by any means necessary, for again, the precious profit for use in influencing, and affecting power, in the world with what he feels is important to his agenda, so much so Warren Buffett has decided to contribute to the Gates Foundation as well.

Oprah Winfrey, same story, except, entirely built on being a public figure with the public influence that goes with it.

The common denominator in all of these: they produce nothing.

Their entire fortune is based on the lack of producing something.

Some may say the wealth of these people invested in these companies creates jobs. I submit that they balance their budget, while making a profit, through swapping people in and out of their businesses with the goal of swapping in less people who do more work, to get the best bang for their buck. Of course, that most of these Progressive elite invest in financial services and natural resources, such as natural gas, doesn’t mean they are behind any of this green movement stuff purely for profit and the power of the government corporations’ cooperative arrangement, in order for these billionaires to facilitate another perpetual income at our expense--that they do not have to work as hard manipulating others directly to make a handsome profit in virtual perpetuity as it is entirely derived under auspices of being a government institution, those “quasi government” deals. They probably look at it as “money recycling” since their “public excess,” as the U.N. likes to call private profits, is well beyond the rest of us. I mean, it doesn’t surprise me they leverage it as a social weight of their authority and power over the rest of the world, as “public excess” in their control.

Some may also say “but look at Windows! Microsoft produces something,” to which I reply, “and you own that something, or, are you just a licensee whose use Microsoft can take away at any time?” Consider what is sold to you, a box, a DVD, a manual, all of which, you only have a license to use, and do not own. What product did you buy?? Answer: The corporate lawyer’s work product of a licensing scheme. The produced program remains with Microsoft, it’s not the mass production of a car, or development of a tract of homes, that people actually can claim ownership to. Software is a persistent licensing scheme to which all we purchase is a license, revocable by the owner of the software according to that document we never read that is entirely written to protect their rights (and guarantees you nothing), and we click the “accept” button on regularly, known by the name “End User License Agreement” (EULA) or “Terms Of Service” (TOS) for online activities.

Progressive wealth is entirely, in feudal tyrant fashion, based upon the conversion of ownership to a “fee” system. Licensing is the recreation of the very feudal relationship of the peasant to the noble, paying a fee for the privilege (such as driving), and use of the noble’s property, within the guidelines of the noble’s limits (today’s EULA or TOS).

Can you see how these less than .1% of the nation’s wealth have lived their lives in abuse of the people? Can you see that, irrespective of their liberal, and thereby, amoral view, as it has to be to deny the individual liberties granted to us by God pursuant to the unanimous Declaration of Independence, these wealthy elite feel guilt? Their “philanthropy” is no more than counting their money like rosary beads, with a hail “Mary at the bank” who made sure to expedite the distribution of these funds, the necessary absolution for their crimes of trespass on a nation, on a world of individual people, featuring these principles in the Declaration of God’s endowment of unalienable rights upon each and every single one of us, is for these wealthy Progressive elite to contribute to some cause that assures indoctrination of their agenda.

Their need for control of the world’s governments, of the influence upon everything, is to assure no one else can, by individual rights, liberties, and freedoms, carry out the acts and deeds these people did to become wealthy, to have a current combined net worth and/or control of over a half a trillion dollars between the 4 of them.

And this list could be extensive, as the heads of most banks are also Progressives.

Years ago the Progressives used to blah blah blah, “the republicans represent the fat cat bankers, the wealth, the oil companies, etc.”

But when you look at the Deepwater Horizon Well, that was leaking in the gulf for some almost 90 days, that oil field was discovered in 1998 under authority of Bill Clinton’s Interior Department.

And to add “imperialist” insult to Progressive injury, Soros’ ownship in so much of Petro-Bras, the government run oil company of Brazil, that the Obama controlled import/export bank gave a 2 billion dollar loan guarantee of our tax dollars to, appears to be a continued turning of this historical tide as to which party represents the bankers, the wealthy, and oil interests: The Democrat Party. Of course the unions aren’t in the poorhouse either.

Thus it is of note that, as of the 2008 elections, we have more millionaires in Congress now than ever before, mostly democrat Progressive millionaires who cite chapter and verse of the evil of wealth to the rest of us--apparently sharing how they achieved their financial and political means--and of course these wonderful Public Servants, in the interest of making sure we never can have the type of individual wealth they have (let alone the billionaires), are using the law to kick the rungs out on the ladder they climbed. Wed get all the support we need if we believe in their patronage-democracy-political-machine-communism manner of running America.

It is just amazing to realize that this is all because they have a guilty conscience for their actions in gaining wealth, knowing their entire existence is without merit, without competence, and without any useful purpose to American society, save destroying it. So it only stands to reason these Progressive “elite,” solely measured by their wealth well over the poverty line, appear to assume everyone will do what they did to get theirs, and these Progressives must do all they can to control us from being just like them for the most time-immemorial historically accurate reason: the potential loss of their power if others did do the very same thing they did, i.e. fear.

In Summary, the idea of individual liberty, based on sentience granted from God as unalienable rights, is being sacrificed as a victim for purposes of the collective paranoia of unscrupulous people in public office, and their assumption that others will do as they did, will be as corrupt as they are, which naturally has triggered these Public Servants’ fear of their loss of power and need to control the people before that can happen--their acts and deeds demonstrating the certainty of their conviction to keep control all to themselves, each and every Progressive one of them.

Let us hope no more Americans succumb to the persistent Progressive battle cry that capitalism is the problem. For we can see this is entirely based on how Progressives built, and continue to run, their immoral, unethical, and corrupt lives with the associated guilt that comes with having God-given sentience and unalienable rights.

Thank you for reading,