Circus of the Macabre: "Gay" Judge Affirms Meaninglessness of Constitution

Commentary: With the stroke of his pen, "gay" Judge Walker overruled the votes, and moral consciences of 7 million Californians who voted for marriage as one man and one woman. On this subject, a jubilant 'gay' correspondent disingenuously remarked: "There is simply no argument for denying gays and lesbians the equal privilege of marriage that heterosexuals enjoy."

Judge Walker's tyrannical action merely affirms what all morally sane, right-thinking Americans have suspected for some time, and that is that the Constitution has become as meaningless as the following words: facts, rules, truth, empirical, science, racism, nazi, fascist, bigot, homophobia, gay, and heterosexual.

At its inception, the Constitution was a great spiritual document that expounds and exposits upon certain eternal truths called by the Founders unalienable rights. Unalienable means from the transcendent Creator and not from man. Unalienable rights refer to the spiritual endowments mankind possesses by virtue of being created in the spiritual image of the supernatural God. Each man has an individual soul and mind equipped with the capacities of reason, memory, will, and conscience. In light of these endowments, all men are created to be free and to be capable of self-goverance once they have become morally mature virtuous individuals, for as the Founders warned, only a virtuous people are capable of self-governance and individual liberty.

Furthermore, in that the supernatural Creator designed all humans (as well as higher creatures) as male and female, then marriage, an institution created by God, is for one man and one woman, regardless of the deformations of that institution devised by men.

"God is Dead!"

An insurrection against the transcendent God that began in the heart of Christendom during the 18th century found its' voice in the ecstatic utterances of the mystic Nietzsche. God is dead, he proclaimed, we have killed him, you and I! We have wiped away the universe!

What Nietzsche meant was that with the death of the supernatural God there died as well all immutable truths, fixed meaning, moral absolutes, moral law, purpose, the individual created in the spiritual image of God (hence the death of individual souls and minds), the two sexes designed by God and by extension, unalienable rights, America's Constitution and Rule of Law. Ideas have consequences, and when the supernatural God was conceptually murdered by men, the foundations of the Western civilized world were swept away as well.

The great 19th century prophet Feodor Dostoevsky, summed up the terrible consequences of the death of God by saying, if God is dead, then all things are possible.

In short order, Darwinism replaced God as the biological 'creator' of man, thereby fulfilling Dostoevsky's prophecy, for today we live in a bizarrely inverted, make believe world where anything goes as there is neither up nor down, truth nor lie, good nor evil, normal nor abnormal, straight nor crooked. In today's circus of the macabre, all things are now possible.

Only in a make believe world will men accept the strange idea that there are multiple species (races/classes) and multiple genders of evolved humans rather than one race of multiple skin colors and only two sexes, which is the reality.

Only in this fantasy land do men beleve that one unevolved race of humans are dinosaurs called heterosexuals while another evolved race has already been transformed by the black magic of evolution into supermen, gods, goddesses, and christs while yet another evolved race has been transformed into gays. Strictly speaking, this means that they are no longer males and females but something else, a concept they promote by way of illusion.

To further the "gay" illusion, the supposedly evolved males dress like females, cover their faces in garishly clownlike make-up, toss their hair like females, and even try to sound like females while "gay" females take on the appearance of males.

Why they are driven to create illusions is definitely peculiar if they are in fact evolved to be "gays." But then common sense questions are not allowed in politically correct make-believe worlds.

Some "gays" have been transformed into beast-men who grotesquely cannibalize and urinate on each other as shown in this video ( of the "Up Your Alley" street fair in San Francisco. Though in our make-believe world it is not politically correct to warn you that what you will see should you click the link is beyond disgusting, that words are inadequate to describe the beastliness of this modern Sodom and Gomorrah, you are nevertheless warned. Be that as it may, in the circus of the macabre that America has degenerated into, marriage is a civil right for all beast-men as well.

And why not?

We no longer live in the real world anyway but in a macabre fantasy land where the hatefulness of God, truth, moral law, the two sexes, conscience, and reality have been banished forever. In this circus of the macabre, up is down, down is up, and males and females are something other than males and females, for in this make-believe world, men are gods and all things are possible with just the stroke of a pen.