Kagan - a solid vote for homosexual 'marriage'

Chris Woodward - OneNewsNow - 8/9/2010 6:00:00 AMA judicial analyst with Focus on the Family says recently sworn-in Supreme Court Associate Justice Elena Kagan would be a sure vote favoring same-sex "marriage."

Kagan was sworn into the Supreme Court on Saturday. Legal experts say she will support same-gender marriage. But Bruce Hausknecht with Focus on the Family points out that Kagan may not be the only one on the bench who would do that.

"I firmly believe that Elena Kagan is a solid, liberal vote for same-sex marriage," he states. "The question is perhaps what does Justice [Anthony] Kennedy think about this. Since he wrote the Lawrence v. Texas opinion, he's provided evidence that he's in the camp of same-sex marriage."

So what does Hausknecht think justices need to consider if the issue goes before the high court? "I will say that the Supreme Court, even the liberals on the court, ought to be thinking at least twice about the culture wars they will ignite -- just like they did with Roe v. Wade -- if they were to affirm this ruling," he replies.

That said, the analyst suggests that the Supreme Court justices leave the matter up to the states. "They would be smart, even if they want to uphold liberal ideals, to leave this in the legislatures' hands around the country," he says.

Hausknecht made his comments recently during an interview on Today's Issues on American Family Radio.