The Enemy Abroad and The Enemy Within, Same Result

Great American Journal by JR Dieckmann Where is our military when we need them? They are on the other side of the planet trying to win the hearts and minds of a people who hate us, and engaged in a nation building effort to change an Islamic state into a democracy. Good luck!

Our fighting men and women are the best skilled, best trained, best equipped army in the world. They have been trained to fight and win wars, but their commander is forcing them to be diplomats instead with one hand tied behind their back and the other hand holding an unloaded rifle.

Can't anyone see that as soon as our troops leave the region, the Muslims in Afghanistan are going to go right back to being who they are - whom they have been for 1400 years - and doing the same things they did before we got there?

The western world is the enemy of Islam, always has been and always will be. It is written in their laws and in their religion. Instead of chasing bin Laden and the Taliban all over God's green Earth for the past 9 years, we should have answered their attack on New York with a nuclear response on Kabul and put a stop to their jihad immediately. Any al Qaeda and Taliban still left would be too busy cleaning up the mess, and too frightened even to consider another attack on the west.

Meanwhile at home, our country is being attacked and destroyed by these same Islamists and communist progressives who have usurped the White House, taken over the Congress, burned our flag and used our Constitution as a torch to ignite it. It is the same Constitution that our military is sworn to protect and defend, and the same Constitution that the American Left points to to defend Islam’s right to build a mosque at the site of their historic attack on the United States of America.

The Progressives insist that Islam's right to build their Mosque just 600 feet from the wreckage of the World Trade Center is protected by the freedom of religion clause in the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, while at the same time trying to relegate that Constitution to the tissue holders in the Capitol restrooms. The Left finds the Constitution useful only when they can point to something in it that helps to support their anti-American agenda.

However, Islam is not a religion; it simply masquerades as one. Muslim worship is only a part of Islam. Most of Islam consists of political, legal, punishment, and social structure - dictated by one man 1400 years ago. Islam is not a religion; it is a theocratic government. Muslims are welcome to believe and worship as they please in America under the 1st Amendment, but Shariah law and the rest of the Islamic dictates found in the Qur'an must not be tolerated. Shariah violates our laws and Islam goes against everything we stand for - it is incompatible with life in America. Unfortunately, our current pseudo-president sees it differently.

We need our armies to come home and do the job they swore to do. We need them now more than ever here at home to save our country from the most dangerous enemy we have ever faced, the one that is sworn to destroy America from within. The enemy that has seized power in our government, betrayed the American people, welcomed foreign invaders, and committed unconstitutional acts of treason against our flag. For what they are doing to our country, these traitors to the American people must be removed from office and imprisoned for the rest of their lives.

This enemy has its own armies well positioned throughout the country; in governments; in the courts; in the media; in the schools and in the streets. They go by names like ACORN, SEIU, Tides Foundation, SDS, AFL-CIO, Organizing for America, Center for American Progress, ACLU, AmeriCorp, CAIR, and many others. They all have the common goal of destroying America and everything she stands for.

If you have been following Glenn Beck then you know that the 60s radicals at one point concluded that to succeed, they must “give up the radical pose for the radical end.” They cleaned themselves up, put away the swastikas and the violent rhetoric, put on suits and moved themselves into influential positions in society. They pretend to be responsible citizens while still working behind the scenes for the overthrow of capitalism.

One of the means to that end is known as the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” of spending us into oblivion with excessive government programs and regulations, and unsustainable debt. Eventually the system will collapse under its own weight and then a socialist system can be installed. Any excuse to spend the taxpayers’ money is enough to justify the passing of more convoluted legislation to authorize the funds, even when they are not needed.

These same dishonest practices are found at all levels of government. How many times has your local or state government told you they are going to have to lay off police, teachers and firefighters, or raise your taxes to pay for them? Furthermore, what part have unions played in bankrupting society beyond just driving manufacturing out of the country with their excessive benefits and demands? Here is what an outraged Glenn Beck has to say about that.

As you may know, the Jobs Bill was passed the House on Tuesday in a special session to put another $26 billion into the coffers of Democrat candidates running for reelection. Just wait for the announcement from the White House and its crony candidates about how many jobs the Jobs Bill has “saved or created.” But they won’t tell you where the $421 billion still left from the stimulus fund is going. I wonder why? I would bet that half of it will be gone by November elections and the rest gone by 2012 elections. Then we will all find ourselves asking: Where did the Democrats get all that money for their campaigns?

We can only do just so much with our votes, which are cancelled out all too often by voter fraud and activist progressive judges. This is a growing problem that is only going to get worse the longer it goes on. The plan is to make conservative voters irrelevant and no longer a threat to progressivism.

They will not be able to accomplish it before the November 2010 election; their target will be before the 2012 election. They will lie, cheat, steal, and use the courts to get what they want. If they succeed, we will no longer be living in a free America but will be under a communist-progressive dictatorship. We have already seen the takeover, the money grabs, and the excessive regulations on private enterprise that are killing our country. This is only a fraction of what they have planned if they are not stopped now.

This is a major turning point in American history. We will have one more chance to try to correct this problem in November and hope that a Republican Congress will aggressively begin and complete the process of repealing or defunding the laws passed by the 111th Congress. Then they must begin the process of restoring constitutional conservatism to Washington and put aside their personal special interests. Every person serving in Washington must ask him or her self, which is more important, saving the country or saving his or her career.

If the Progressives cannot be defeated at the ballot box, then as the last resort, it is going to be up to the military to reject the command authority of the usurper Obama and take back Washington for the people whom they serve. Military leaders must understand what is going on in Washington and respect their oath and loyalty - which is to the Constitution, not to that man in the White House or Washington bureaucrats. Which will it be, a military coup on Washington, or civil war throughout the country? This can only end in one or the other.

Military leaders are going to have to take a stand and commit themselves to doing what is right and what must be done to save the country they are sworn to defend. They must realize that not only is their commander incompetent in military matters, but also is committing treason against this country. He must be arrested and removed from office, and with him, all those whom he has appointed to help him carry out is acts of treason. That also includes the one who has been financing and directing this stealthy insurrection: George Soros.

Our parent generations fought and died, worked and sacrificed, so that their children could have a better life in a free America. We respect them for it. Too many of their children grew up with a sense of entitlement and think everyone should feel the same.

But what legacy are they leaving for their children? Several generations of young Americans will be saddled with backbreaking debt and enslavement to government bureaucrats, programs, and policies. Don’t heat your house too much; don’t use fossil fuels; cut your electricity use; don’t use too much water; don’t expect healthcare when you need it; here is what you can eat; watch what you say, it might offend someone; don’t watch Fox News or listen to talk radio; don't say the name of God; no Christian symbolism; we are going to be monitoring what you post on the internet. We are here to make decisions for you, take care of you and all of your needs.

Whether it will be Islam or Progressives, the end result will be the same: servitude for the American citizens whom will no longer be citizens, but rather subjects. This is the liberal utopia that Democrats (and a few Republicans) are creating for generations to come. It offers you a small portion of everything except your freedom. That is the price we will all pay in the end.