"Gay" activists poised to terrorize this week's "Truth Academy" in Chicago -- conference on the homosexual agenda in America

Massresistence Usual fascist tactics to suppress opposing views POSTED: Aug 4, 2010 As we reported earlier, the most comprehensive training on fighting the homosexual agenda in the United States in memory is being held this week, Thursday, Aug. 5 - Saturday, Aug. 7 in Chicago.

The "Truth Academy" has been organized by Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH) president Peter LaBarbera. (LaBarbera was the featured speaker at the MassResistance Banquet last March.) It includes an all-star cast of speakers from across America, including Matt Barber, Arthur Goldberg, Ryan Sorba, Greg Quinlan, Laurie Higgins, Prof. Rena Lindevaldson, Prof. Robert Gagnon, and Cliff Kincaid.

AFTAH 'Truth Academy' Curriculum and Speakers Schedule People from across the country will be there.

"Gay Liberation Network" planning massive protest to disrupt event But the homosexual movement does not want opposing views to even exist. They are planning to disrupt the event in any way they can.

On Thursday the radical homosexual hate group Gay Liberation Network has organized a massive protest of the event and will attempt to disrupt the event. And that's probably just the beginning of their plans They've even set up a Facebook page to coordinate their efforts with hundreds of homosexual activists who apparently have committed to participate.

If a homosexual group were holding a private event at a private location (and not involving public money) most of us would just ignore it. At the most, we'd be interested in quietly finding out what was going on. But the idea of trying to disrupt it and terrorize the participants and claiming that they don't have the right to even hold such a meeting is foreign to most Americans' thought process.

But the homosexual movement sees the world differently. They believe that disagreeing opinions them don't have a right to exist. They have no problem using fascist and barbaric tactics to harass, intimidate, and silence people. The ends justify the means.

And probably the most outrageous thing is that the media, public officials, and law enforcement look the other way when it happens.

EMAIL: Here are excerpts a Gay Liberation Network email sent out last week to their activists: More: http://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen/10c/aftah_conf/threat_0804.html