The Ground Zero Mosque - What Have We Not Been Told?

Family Security MattersAugust 17, 2010 - The Editor

In a Family Security Matters Editorial on Sunday, it was suggested that President Obama’s apparent support of the Ground Zero Mosque, followed less than 24 hours by presidential back-pedaling, was creating a crisis of leadership. The apparent pandering to a project which has never gained widespread public support was predestined to create problems. Michael Bloomberg, New York’s liberal mayor, had attempted on August 3 to invoke the Founding Fathers and to cite instances from a century before, during the time of Peter Stuyvesant, to impress upon New Yorkers that religious tolerance was the hallmark of the Big Apple. By extension, Bloomberg appeared to reason, New York's citizens should all rally to support the Ground Zero mosque and thereby defend religious liberty. A Mairist poll from August 10th had shown that Bloomberg’s former popularity had sunk dramatically since April, coinciding with his support for the mosque. A CNN poll from August 11 had shown that almost 70 percent of the American public opposed the Ground Zero Mosque.

In an act of extreme hubris, against the groundswell of political opinion, and ignoring the lessons that could have been learned from Mayor Bloomberg’s dip in popularity, the president and his speech writer pressed on regardless. The August 3 speech that had been made by Bloomberg on a windswept Government Island, surrounded by representatives of different faiths, had been seen by the administration as something of relevance to its own agenda. On Monday, August 9th, Bloomberg’s speech had been translated into Arabic, Farsi (Persian), Russian, French and Spanish and was posted onto the “Engaging the World” website.

At the White House iftar dinner of Friday 13th, Obama again invoked the Founding Fathers to suggest that they would be supportive of the construction of the Ground Zero Mosque on a matter of principle. Two days before, to celebrate Ramadan, Obama had claimed that “Islam has always been in America.” There is no historical evidence for such an assertion, unless Obama was passing a sop to Muslim revisionists, who claim that Abul-Hassan Al-Masudi (c. 895 – 957 AD) had written of Muslims going to a faraway land in “The Book of Golden Meadows.” Archeologists have never found any evidence of pre-Columbian Islamic influence. To suggest that “Islam has always been in America,” is a pandering not to genuine history but to a Muslim political agenda.

On August 10th, State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley had told journalists that Imam Rauf, the imam behind the proposed Ground Zero Mosque, was on a trip to the Middle East as a sponsored emissary of America to “discuss Muslim life in America and religious tolerance.” Crowley was asked about the Ground Zero Mosque and if the administration supported it. He replied:

“Well, it’s not normal that the federal government would get involved in what is a – I think a zoning issue in New York City…. Well, I mean, we are obviously supportive of religious tolerance not only around the world, but in the United States, and – but this is a particular decision for the city of New York. And we do note the fact that Mayor Bloomberg made a very eloquent appeal for freedom of religion and religious tolerance recently in the city.” More: