America's Epidemic of Madness and Inconsistent "Conservatives" Such As Ann Coulter

Commentary by Linda: In a WorldNet Daily article entitled, "Ann Coulter on WND: 'They're a bunch of fake Christians,'" Joseph Farah reports:

"Conservative pundit Ann Coulter intensified her attacks on WND last night on Fox News Channel's "Red Eye" show, accusing those at the largest independent news site who dropped her from the "Taking America Back National Conference" in Miami of being "fake Christians." Who are the individuals labeled as 'fakes' by Coulter? Answer: The "Taking America Back National Conference" in Miami still headlines Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., Ambassador Alan Keyes, former Sen. and retired Admiral Jeremiah Denton, former "Saturday Night Live" comedienne Victoria Jackson, senior staff writer and No. 1 best-selling author Jerome Corsi, WND's Jerusalem bureau chief and the bestselling author of "Manchurian President" Aaron Klein, "How Evil Works" author and WND managing editor David Kupelian and many more." (

Coulter is enraged because she was dropped as a keynote speaker at the "Taking America Back National Conference." She was dropped when it was learned that she would be a keynote speaker at GOProud's Homocon event:

"The issue for us remains clear: GOProud, a group that supports same-sex marriage and open homosexuality in the U.S. military ranks, should not be embraced or validated by people who accept the biblical and traditional definition of marriage and the understanding that armies and navies have one purpose – to defeat enemies. My position is that homosexual behavior is a sin that should not be affirmed, condoned, encouraged or laughed about."

No matter how persuasively Coulter rationalizes her support for 'gays,' the fact is that she is wittingly or unwittingly advocating tolerance for pathologically and socially destructive compulsions and impulses that outwardly manifest themselves as the following: fetishism, sodomy, bestiality, sado masochism, pedophillia, pederasty, coprophillia, and necrophillia.

According to Coulter, 'real' Christians ought to tolerate these pathologically and socially destructive compulsions and acts, and if not, then they are 'fake' Christians. Implicit in Coulter's condemnation of what she calls 'fake' Christians is the notion that God the Father approves of sodomy, bestiality, etc.

Farah summarized the major concerns for which the Taking America Back Conference was organized:

"Earlier this year, GOProud was permitted to sponsor the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, the biggest event of its kind," said Farah. "This bad decision resulted in consistently conservative groups dropping sponsorship and withdrawing from participation – much to their credit. GOProud is about infiltration of the conservative movement and dividing it from within with twisted and dangerous ideas way out of the mainstream of American public opinion. Ann Coulter is, I'm afraid, validating this effort for money. I support her speaking to people with whom she disagrees on college campuses. That's a good idea. I do it, too. But if you see the way GOProud is exploiting its coup in getting Ann Coulter to speak to its Homocon event, you begin to understand what a mistake this is for a conservative icon like Coulter."

On a personal level, some of my own writings have been censored by two prominent websites run by "inconsistent Conservatives." One article in particular that has been labeled "divisive" "disturbing" and "unacceptable" is "Cultural Marxism 2: Subversion and Perversion of America's Youth." This article exposes the people, organizations, and funders behind the deliberate dumbing-down and perverting of Americans and in particular, America's youth:

"While media propagandists have deftly kept the attention of most folks riveted on what they’ve been told to believe are the “real threats” to America, such as fossil fuel consumption, Gitmo, Christianity, patriotism, Ten Commandments monuments, and mad cow disease, Marxist-trained psychopoliticians, propagandists, and change agents have descended upon the schools. They are subjecting children and older youth to diabolical thought control and social re-engineering techniques such as extreme sex-education, all of which were perfected in the former United Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR)." "A position paper unwittingly published by the ACLU of Texas reveals why, “This generation of children will be the next generation of adult citizens who will make decisions on the directions this country will take. They will be molded by whatever education they receive.” (The ACLU vs. America, Alan Sears and Craig Osten, p. 71)" "Couple that candid admission to the following, by Deanna Duby of the National Educators Association (NEA), a staunch ally of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Educators Network (GLSEN) which registers Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs in schools, “The fear of the Religious Right is that the schools of today are the governments of tomorrow. And you know what, they’re right.” (ibid, p. 71) Note: the ACLU, NEA, GLSEN, and GSA are all linked on the Communist Party USA website: " (Complete article: )

Elsewhere Farah writes:

"The drift of the conservative movement to a brand of materialistic libertarianism is one of the main reasons we planned this conference from the beginning."

At bottom, materialistic libertarianism is atheism. It is narcissistic man setting himself up as God the Father and then inventing his own brand of morality. Whatever feels right must be right and whatever feels bad must be bad. This is reason corrupted by passions (feelings, vices, etc) disconnected from immutable truths and moral absolutes. In other words, this brand of reason is really moral insanity.

Moral insanity is an overiding sign of our times, and it has deeply infected Conservatism. Moral insanity is madness caused by lack of discernment between right and wrong, truth and untruth, normal and abnormal, good and evil. Where moral insanity reigns supreme, so too does distate for truth and reality, cowardice, apathy, hedonism, greed, envy, and narcissism (pride).

The censorship of "Cultural Marxism 2" in order to protect the sensitive feelings of certain readers as well as the popularity of the two websites in question is an example of moral insanity in action. In other words, the truth of how America is being destroyed and her youth being deliberately perverted is not only unimportant but distateful, divisive and hateful. In sum, truth itself is distateful, divisive, and hateful. To reject truth is to reject reality and instead embrace wishful thinking and fantasy. This being the case, is it any wonder that America is going mad?

"If we're serious about changing the direction of the country, we've got to start policing ourselves," noted Farah. "Ann is angry. I hope she calms down and there can be some restoration, repentance and forgiveness. She said some mean things about me, but I can sleep at night knowing I did the right thing in God's economy."

Unless there is turning back to Truth accompanied by confession, repentance and forgiveness, America will continue its' free-fall into madness and from there into the abyss.