Mosques in Boston and NYC: Games of Deception?

Family Security MattersAugust 26, 2010 - Charles Jacobs

The entire country and many around the world are watching and opining on the Ground Zero Mosque controversy. This itself is an incredible development: Finally, a public discussion about Muslim leadership in America, the beginning of the end of a taboo, Americans are no longer intimidated to speak up about radical Islamic penetration of our country. The failing elites are in retreat and they don't like it. They will redouble their efforts to attack those who dissent from their orthodoxy. Look for more name calling, phony analogies and guilt-trip lectures about morality and American values.

We aim to bring the discussion and the related scrutiny back to Boston, where it started in 2004 with a Boston Herald series on the connections the leaders of the then-proposed Saudi funded Boston mega mosque had to radicals and hate doctrines. This discussion was shut down by the silence of the Boston Globe and the lawsuit filed against the Herald and Fox TV, several reporters and citizens and the David Project.