The PCUSA: Not Christian Anymore

ChronwatchLee Duigon

What would you think if you walked into a public hall, expecting to see a Christian worship service, and saw people prancing around in animal costumes? Lucky us, we don’t have to imagine such a thing. We can see the video, courtesy of Youtube. In fact, you probably couldn’t imagine it. You gotta see it to believe it.

We are talking about footage shot at the Presbyterian Church USA’s recent General Assembly. That’s a meeting where PCUSA delegates from all over the country gather to see how much harm they can inflict on their denomination.

But now let’s go to the videotape!

Exhibit A ( ) might easily be confused with out-takes from "The Wicker Man," but it’s supposed to be the processional service that opens the Assembly’s proceedings. Here we see Christians costumed as skunks, bison, raccoons, and other animals, all hopping about. Over them towers a tall, creepy figure which may be intended to represent the current occupant of the White House. Apologists for this scene say it’s just PCUSA’s way of paying homage to “native American spirituality,” more familiarly known as paganism.

As shudderingly awful as this is, Exhibit B ( ) is even worse. Here we have some enormous, goggle-eyed “puppets”--they look like something borrowed from a Mardi Gras parade--shuffling about, while a couple of dancers cavort all over the floor and someone sings an interminable hymn about “social justice,” more familiarly known as communism.

What’s with all the dancing, anyway? Do they get the head of John the Baptist when they’re done?

Not captured on videotape, but reported by eyewitnesses, were numerous “prayers” offered up to Mother Earth, “Goddess Sophia,” and several other non-Christian hobgoblins. We are not told whether the delegates also prayed to Baal, Ashtoreth, or Speedy Alka-Seltzer. Occasionally the name of Jesus Christ was invoked as one of many gods.

In case these images alone fail to convince one that the PCUSA is no longer a proper Christian church, the actual work done by the delegates should close the deal. Here’s what they accomplished:

*They rejected a definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman, leaving the PCUSA without any definition of marriage at all. Maybe they ought to buy a dictionary--or even a Bible, if they can stand the sight of one.

*They abolished fidelity and chastity requirements for church officers; so now a Presbyterian elder can rank below a politician on the moral totem pole. Who would have believed that was possible? You may get tossed out of Congress for propositioning an undercover cop in a public rest room, but if you’re an elder in the PCUSA, anything goes.

*They voted to spend $7-10 million to extend assorted benefits to church employees with same-sex “partners,” to be funded by mandatory payments squeezed from all PCUSA congregations, even the ones that are still Christian.

There was a lot of griping when they couldn’t quite swing the votes for a total commitment to homosexual pseudomarriage--but, hey, that just gives them something big to shoot for next year. There’d be even more griping if the General Assembly ever ran out of ways to insult God.

Now, if the GA delegates are not pagans, why do they do such a cracking good imitation of paganism? What’s the point of that? It’s like pretending to be drunk in public.

Virtually invisible, but nevertheless present at the Assembly, were Christian delegates. What they were doing there, and what they hoped to accomplish there, stumps me. Individuals, families, and whole congregations are fleeing the PCUSA in numbers that would gravely alarm the executives of any other kind of organization. But the PCUSA leadership acts like it sincerely believes that all it has to do to stop the bleeding is throw in a few more dancers, ring in a few more costumes, and find a few more imaginary gods to pray to. And if that doesn’t work, they can always go whole-hog for left-wing politics.

The only question left is this. Can any church’s leadership truly be that clueless, that wooden-headed, that welded to sheer folly? Or are they only pretending to be so, and purposely trying to drive the PCUSA into extinction?

Only the costume rental company knows for sure.