You Get What You Ask For

Conservatives UndergroundBy Ken Martin


The weakness of any democratic system is right out in the open for all of us to see. The customers of a business can outvote the owners of a business at any time; they can vote at any moment to help themselves to the beer. Three coyotes can vote to help themselves to an ewe. Voters can vote to loot the treasury. You can even vote to enslave people, or expel them from their lands, if you first vote not to count their votes.

Democracy means that people will rule themselves - but there is no guarantee that people will rule themselves wisely, or honestly, or honorably, or well.

I know all the caveats about republics versus democracies, but the point still holds. Just as democracy doesn’t guarantee the morality or wisdom of a people, a republic doesn’t either. Corrupt or juvenile people will inevitably get representatives who will be pleased to pick their pockets while telling them what they want to hear.

The weakness of democracy is the weakness of any political system, which is that it can never produce a result that is better or wiser or more moral than the people who make up the society.

Politics is not the ship. It is in a very real way the art of deciding where and how to set out the deck chairs on the Titanic. Politics decides who gets to keep the schedule for the tennis court. Politics decides who gets to go next at the shuffleboard lanes and who gets to dine with the captain on what night.

It can’t save you when the hull is holed and taking on water if it doesn’t accept it or admit it and shift toward dealing with the deeper problem.

When you find yourself going from misrule to worse rule, voting out a series of empty suits only to find that you’ve replaced them with yet another wave of empty suits, at some point you have to accept that the problem is you.

Yes, the politicians lied, yes they stripped the treasury bare, but they only told you what you wanted to hear, and they bankrupted the treasury giving you what you thought you wanted. You put the pols in a very real quandary. They can lie and not keep their campaign promises, or they can try and keep them and bankrupt the country. Or, as usually is the case, some combination of the two. More: