THE 9/11 CHRISTIAN CENTER AT GROUND ZERO The 9/11 Christian Center at Ground Zero is Pastor Bill Keller's answer to the mosque at Ground Zero. He will fly up from Florida each Sunday for the service - the first service is THIS SUNDAY, September 5. Those of you in the area would be fortunate if you attend.

I believe this is the best and most Godly answer to the lie of Islam - the Truth of Jesus Christ. If you are interested please enjoy these links, and a message from Pastor Bill to Resistnet members:

The 9/11 Christian Center homepage

Bill Keller's video explaining the thinking behind the Christian Ce... (banned by Youtube, in fact)

Bill Keller writes:

How do you battle the darkness? With the LIGHT! I watched in disbelief a few weeks ago as they announced the Muslims would be building a $110 million mosque just a few blocks from where their Muslim brothers perpetrated the greatest act of terror on US soil in history, deliberately flying planes into the World Trade Center towers, knocking them down and killing 3,000 innocent souls in the process. The gall, the arrogance, the audacity of this false relgion of violence, hate, and death to build their temple to satan just blocks from that hallowed ground.

Islam is a 1400-year-old lie from hell, dreamed up by Mohammed after being visited by angels of satan in his sleep. "Allah" is an imaginary god that is actually a black rock and is NOT the God of the Bible! Islam has advanced this false relgion for 1400 years through violence, hatred, and death. The greatest difference between Christianity and Islam is that you are born into Islam, or threatened with death to become a Muslim. You become a Christian by making the free-will choice to accept Jesus Christ by faith!

After I got over being angry, I got on my knees in prayer. I knew God was calling me to do something, but what? After many hours, I realized it would not be another "big event," that just hours after it was over people would be back to their lives and nothing would have been accomplished. We have all been to and seen "big events," and nothing ever changes. No, this had to be more than an event, but an ongoing mission to combat this new evil being constructed near ground zero which would bring people the Truth of God's Word and the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

I am excited to announce today the birth of the "9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero" on Sunday, September 5th. The mission is simple. Have a place at ground zero where people can come to hear the real uncompromised Truth right from God's Word, and find the only true hope there is, faith in Jesus Christ!!! We will combat the lies of this world and Islam with the TRUTH. We will combat the hatred of this world and Islam with LOVE. We will combat the violence of this world and Islam with PEACE. Finally, we will combat eternal death this world and Islam brings with LIFE EVERLASTING!!! More: