Shamefully Shredding Military Voting Rights

ChronwatchLaurie Roth

It is unbelievable to me that I even have to mention such a thing as the right for our overseas military to get their votes counted in time for elections, but I do. We saw the absurdity in the 2008 election where 17,000 votes (that we know of) of overseas military votes were not counted for the general presidential election. That was a shocking horror show then to most of America and thankfully to some in our Congress who created a law the Move Act, requiring all states to send out ballets at least 45 days in advance to make sure overseas military had time to vote before the election. Hopefully this protective law would solve this voting problem…not.

It is unforgivable to not allow our soldiers who are facing bullets, terrorists, fear, and death daily to even vote in time regardless of the state’s excuses for not sending them out on time! Here they are taking hails of bullets and sacrificing their lives to protect our rights to vote yet we can’t go out of our way to make sure they get to vote as well!

As usual, it didn’t matter if there was a good law on the books to keep this from happening. States are lining up for the whine-fest and endless therapy needs. Sadly the law had ''waiver'' rights stuck in it so states could get out of sending out the troop ballets on time as long as they promised to make it right later. Not to miss out on being first in the state victim club we saw Delaware, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Washington. They were all granted waivers. Four other states applied, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Alaska, and Colorado but they didn’t get the waiver for some reason.

Our Justice Department is allegedly working with states to make sure they ''provide thorough and comprehensive plans'' to make sure the overseas military can vote alright.

In Washington (the state I live in) they are whining that they had to get the waiver due to lack of money to send them out on time….bla bla bla. However, Washington, along with the other waiver-inspired states have no problem digging up money for endless other things: roads, education, pet projects or environmental and business controls.

States delaying military votes, hiding behind any excuse is un-American, wrong, and even criminal and should be treated as such! It is not only a no brainer violation of our military’s fundamental rights but it also contributes to election voter fraud and false election outcomes.

Whoever controls the House and maybe the Senate may come down to tight and close races in several states. Right now races are close in Wisconsin, Colorado, Washington, and Florida. Hundreds or thousands of uncounted votes could swing entire elections, state and federal. Remember the national elections of 2000 and 2004. The election results were decided by one state in both races.

There is no reason whatsoever why any state can’t send out ballets at least 45 days in advance for our military. There is a reason, however, why this Justice Department and administration might support some state waivers, shredding the protective law now in place! It’s called election manipulation. It is common knowledge that most military personal vote conservative, and the leaders of this administration can’t have that. They just have to look in a “sound bite” way like they care about the military by saying no to some states. As long as enough states won’t do their duty and send out thousands of military bullets on time, certain elections can be swayed that are close.

We are all used to voter fraud in past elections, with dead people, illegal immigrants, and others voting multiple times. Now, thanks to the recent Black Panther trial, we see intimidation and even threats at some voting locations are happening. Add to this corrupt list, shredding voting elections, thousands of overseas military votes not being counted on time.

Scream to your senators and representatives on this issue. We will have to fight for fair voting results in the mid terms, then on the four-year mark. The progressive Democrats are desperate and so is the Obama administration. They will get their kind of votes in any way that they can. Protect your vote with all that you have.

The American people are awake and we will secure our votes, including our military votes overseas.