Prince Charles Spreads Eco-Loon Gospel

Prince Charles Spreads Eco-Loon Gospel on his Amazing, Biofuel-Powered Crazy TrainSeptember 8, 2010 - James Delingpole

The Prince of Wales – who also happens to be our future monarch, unfortunately – has embarked on an eco-tour of Britain. He is urging us not to throw away any of the £4,000 bespoke Huntsman suits we might have mouldering in the back of our wardrobes, demonstrating how easy it is to fashion a handy Gladstone bag from one’s old hunting boots or an egg whisk from one’s unwanted tiaras, and reminding us that unless we convert our Aston Martins to biofuels by the end of next week (just like he has done) then the polar ice caps will most assuredly melt and we’ll all die.

Needless to say, he has found the perfect means of transport by which to convey this important message: a huge train powered by possibly the most ecologically disastrous fuel source yet devised by mankind. Biofuel.